Football, Pre/Game | October 11, 2012

Pre/Pre/Game: Bracken @ Gustine Tigers

Bracken Christian Warriors have been thrown a curve ball this week.

Head Coach Lloyd Fields

The game with SA Atonement was cancelled and BCS has been trying to find some teams with open dates to play.

The Pre/Game article with SA Atonement will have to be scrapped and now a new team and place to play will be the result.

Gustine, about a three hour drive up 281, contacted Bracken needing a game for this Friday. So, the Warriors will now be traveling to a Division I UIL destination.

Gustine was very proactive simply because this weekend was going to be their Homecoming game.

That is what put a sense of urgency for getting this game scheduled so quickly.

What do we know about Gustine? Not much…They have a 1-5 record this season, but this team has been decimated by injuries and finished one game with just six players.

The Tigers were picked for second place in their district to begin this season.

“They have had four starters out and they are getting them all back for this game,” Bracken’s Head Coach said. “This will be the first UIL team Bracken has ever played during the regular season.”

Gustine was picked second in their district by prognosticators and so the potential is certainly there.

You can also know that this is certainly a step up in opponents and Bracken is certainly happy for that circumstance.

This Tiger team will be returning the favor as they will now have a home and home schedule, since this would of been a home game for Bracken.

“They have played a formidable schedule and they are going to feed us too,” Coach Fields said while putting on a bib.

Gustine has a 6’4″ wide receiver and a good running back that have been playing and have not been injured. However this team has a Homecoming crowd to please and will not be passive in this game.

So, this changes the game plan for this Warrior team in that they now get to see how they do with a team they are trying to piece together.

The Atonement game would of been a victory and this game could also be, but now nothing is a given and that will serve as a good yard stick for seeing where Bracken needs to be as they look at the playoffs coming in a little more than five weeks down the road.

Down the road is what this Warrior team will now be doing on Friday for those three hours.

“Homecoming in small towns is a big deal,” Coach Fields said. “Blind faith and blind luck.”

Coach Fields responding to not having a chance to properly prepare for this opponent as both coaches talked about each other’s team over the phone.

You can imagine that ‘Coach Speak’ was at a very high level during that exchange.

Now we wait to see which Coach will be willing to speak after this game. Good Luck.

Results for Gustine for 2012 Season:
 Tigers  60  Iredell          32
 Tigers  68  Mullin           79
 Tigers  14  Walnut Springs   47
 Tigers  00  Richland Springs 54
 Tigers  28  May              66
 Tigers  34  Sidney           84