Football, Player Profile | November 25, 2012

Bracken says Farewell to their Achilles Tandem

The first year of The Hilltop Reporter Newspaper, this reporter was talking to second year Head Coach

Bracken's Grady Achilles now playing for Incarnate Word

Lloyd Fields with Bracken Christian football team.

Coach Fields was giving a run down on what type of team he would be fielding that season (2009).

Coach Fields informed The Hilltop Reporter that his starting quarterback would be a freshman and one might have wondered that there could be a chance for a rocky year.

Bracken Christian had lost seven seniors from the previous season to boot.

However this ’09 Team had a break out season with a final four appearance and a squad that quite possibly could win a championship in future years.

During the playoffs that same year, BCS would be meeting a team that the Warriors had played earlier that season.

It was a large team (Tomball Rosehill Christian) in 6-man lingo, with several players over 200lbs and height to compliment that in spades.

Watching that game was an eye opener as this defensive back that was not even six feet tall, yet, had taken on one of those gladiators at the goal line and held his ground as this player planted his cleats right on the chest of this young man on his way to a touchdown.

Every year after that inaugural season for Eli Achilles, you saw a young man mature in stature and also in his skill set.

Another player Coach Fields mentioned was a Sophomore that had 962 yards rushing his freshman year and thought this player could also have a break out season.

In his second year, Grady Achilles was one year older and this season would now have both Achilles’ playing together.

Grady would respond to the tune of 2,264 yards rushing and a respectable 43 touchdowns via the run during that 2009 season.

One word to describe Grady’s ability? Speed to burn! Ok, this Reporter could not contain a one word adjective for this young man.

Grady’s first year as a feature back was memorable against Austin Hill Country. The game was lost, but a glimpse into a window of many records could be seen for this upstart school in it’s third year of existence.

Grady and Eli Achilles let it be known that when they took the field, that you were going to get their best.

Senior Eli Achilles posed with Junior Davis Scott before start of season.

Try this on for size for their stats in this first game playing together.
Freshman Eli Achilles had 22 tackles on defense and an interception.
Sophomore Grady Achilles chipped in with over 700 all-purpose yards while also throwing two touchdowns in this contest.

Yes, Bracken Christian lost that first game, but now in hindsight who would have known that this tandem would only lose seven more and have a 55-8 record from Grady’s Freshman year to Eli’s Senior year.

During their time playing together, Bracken had a well documented 26 game winning streak and sandwiched a State Championship in those games.

Now, this duo did have some skill levels, but one thing you need to take from this article would be their ‘Team’ concept.

Never did you hear that they did this on their own. Quite the opposite, you would hear how they could only accomplish these feats with their ‘brother’ playing with them and their strength in what God gave them.

They won as a team and lost as a team.

Bracken has lost a couple of players in this past two years who would be hard for any school to replace.

Special teams, along with offensive and defensive records, should gain some kudos from those who can appreciate these type of athletes.

Grady and Eli Achilles were truly a duo that you would enjoy watching, as their respect for this game of football was paramount.

Yes, they played during a time that Bracken Christian could certainly play with the best of any TAPPS football team in this State.

The ReSporter will miss these two players as well as other Bracken players that have brought that same respect and glamor to the field of dreams. (sorry baseball)

All those records recorded by the Achilles brothers as well as all those other players that sweated and groudn out their years in pads, will mean nothing if they don’t learn from and take those lessons with you into your life after school.

Respect life, like you respect football and you will be awarded by an incorruptible crown that can not fade away. Through Christ….and Thanks for the memories.

 BCS Rank is in *()      Grady Achilles ('08-'11)      Eli Achilles ('09-'12)
 Touchdowns                 183   *(1)                  85     (2)
 Total Points              1112    (1)                 521     (2)
 Rushing Touchdowns         164    (1)                  72     (2)
 Return Touchdowns            6    (2)                  10     (1)
 Passing Yards             1095    (3)                3252     (1)
 Passing Touchdowns          12    (3)                  52     (1)
 Receiving Yards            673    (3)                 288     (8)
 Tackles                    222    (4)                 620     (1)
 Interceptions                6    (3)                  28     (1)
 Playoff Touchdowns          27    (1)                  21     (2)
 Playoff Points             183    (1)                 133     (2)
 Playoff Rushing           1500    (1)                 995     (2)
 Playoff Passing            261    (2)                 790     (1)
 Rushing Season            2940    (1)                2646     (2)
 Rushing Career            7988    (1)                3537     (2)
 Rushing Game               389    (2)                 452     (1)
 Game Touchdowns              7    (2)                  10     (1)