Football, Sport News | November 21, 2012

Bracken Warriors Flying Under the Radar

Bracken Christian has a gaudy 37-2 record over the past three years or how about a winning percentage of .949 during that time span.

Not to shabby is it, want more?

Those two losses were by a combined six points.

BCS during that same time frame has outscored their opponents by 988 points and of those 37 wins 22 have not gone four quarters because of the Mercy Rule. (If winning by 45 or more points after halftime, the game is called.)

Bracken has been to the final four for three years and counting. They are one game from advancing this year.

BCS, as they prepare for Abilene Christian Panthers, do not get much credit for a pretty nice resume as this upcoming game has your Warriors as much as a 35 point underdog.

The reason? Texas is a large State.

Take a map out and find out all you can about an El Paso six-man squad.

El Paso is closer to Los Angeles than Dallas. Tell us how you would be able to let other people know how good that team might be.

Panhandle to the Valley has 806 miles to cover and who knows how many small town six-man teams.

So, getting a hold of how good teams are before getting into playoffs would be quite difficult to accomplish.

Bracken is getting penalized on their strength of schedule, but how bad do you need to beat a team to make your point of worth to others.

Coach Fields has been lamenting on how playing just two quarter games will affect his team when approaching playoffs and last year, that could’ve  been a major cause in how their last game was lost.

So, BCS decides to have a couple of games that go four quarters at the end of this season and computers to prognosticators will let you know that the score was not convincing enough.

Not taking anything away from those opponents, because those schools were able to stretch this Warrior team for a chance, through hard work, to make a run that could pay dividends.

Two years ago, Bracken had Kerrville OLH in a game, that almost took your Warriors to the wood shed as Bracken escaped with an overtime win by the skin of their teeth.

Last season there was not a team that could take Bracken to four quarters, except for Austin Hill Country and Bracken had ten games between those two contests that did not challenge BCS.

Now, Bracken readies themselves for Abilene Christian and find themselves ranked behind six other Private Schools.

Geneva, which beat BCS by two points earlier this year, despite Bracken scoring more touchdowns and playing in a driving rain storm away from home, but Geneva finds themselves favored by 28 points, if they were to play BCS this weekend.

Granted, trying to get a handle on teams for six-man has to be one of the toughest endeavors for a person to undertake.

Six-man does not get a fraction of coverage as larger schools and very few will get mentioned in newspapers or in venues such as The ReSporter.

What does this mean?

Bracken could lose by 35 points this Saturday, but there is also just as much of a chance your Warriors could come home with a win.

Abilene Christian is well thought of by many pickers in Texas and all this ReSporter can deduce is hoping those pickers are picking their nose.

Go Blow them away Bracken!!