Coaches Corner, Football | November 7, 2012

Coaches Corner: Bracken’s Lloyd Fields

The ReSporter:Hello Coach Fields, I would like to know if OLH Hawks are a

Head Coach Lloyd Fields

better team than the one that played earlier this season.
Based on their game with Seguin Lifegate when they lost 50-0…that game seems to standout based on their body of work.

Coach Fields: “They have a whole new coaching staff and that will always throw a team behind. They started the season in a transitional position and so based on having a full season by now, I can say they are a better team than the one that took the field against Lifegate.”

The ReSporter: You have a short week after playing a late game on Saturday. What is the make up of your team this week as they prepare for OLH?

Coach Fields: “This is kind of a rivalry game for us. The loser of this game will either finish third or fourth (OLH) in district. It is also the last home game for the Seniors and end of an era for most of the kids.”

The ReSporter: How do you think your team handled their two hour delay in last week’s game?

Coach Fields: “I’m an old school coach and waiting two hours to play was certainly not an ideal situation for us.”

The ReSporter: Does Kerrville OLH play their basic offense and defense from previous years?

Coach Fields: “Yes, they run a base spread and also out of the I formation, and they still have a 3/3 defense. When you lose a superstar like Marshall then it is hard to rebound. But, this team has done quite well with that loss.
Kerrville OLH has played in the final four the last three years in a row.”

The ReSporter: You had some sickness in last week’s game, how is this week looking from a Doctor’s standpoint?

Coach Fields: “We still have some kids that have missed this week due to sickness. We have to have some kids step up and adjust.”

The ReSporter: Two years ago you had a game with OLH that went into overtime. What happens if you have a game like that and the only way you can advance is by kicking the bonus point?

Coach Fields: “We will lose.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach for your quick answers and hopefully you will not have to kick any bonus points and good luck this week against the Hawks.