Coaches Corner, Football | November 13, 2012

Coaches Corner with Lloyd Fields

The ReSporter: Hey Coach Fields, you are playing a team

Head Coach Lloyd Fields

you had played earlier this year. Have you seen anything different from how this team played you earlier?

Coach Fields: “They have not changed a whole lot since that first game, I do know that they are executing a lot better.”

The ReSporter: What type of defense have they been playing?

Coach Fields: “Their defense has a three man front and three defensive backs. They will use their speed to run you down. This team is one of the fastest, if not the fastest in six-man football. So, they have found a good way to play to their strengths.”

The ReSporter: Compare what happened in the first game and how will you work with your team this week in practice.

Coach Fields: “We struggled trying to stop them last time with their pass. They did not hit the deep pass on us, but we will working on our short game.”

The ReSporter: What type of offense will Sugarland run?

Coach Fields: “They run a ‘Jaybird’ offense with a wing left and they will throw a lot out of their tight offense.”

The ReSporter: How have your players been doing this week?

Coach Fields: “As the weather gets cooler, then players like Preston (Koch) and John (Colby) will get better. We are not pretty (football team), but we will hit you in the mouth.”

The ReSporter: Give us a good idea of where your team is at this time of the season.

Coach Fields: “Last year, I think that we might have peaked before the season had ended. This team has not peaked yet.”

The ReSporter: What else about Sugarland Logos Prep worries you?

Coach Fields: “They are faster than us…if we had a race we would only have 1.5 of our players that could run with six of their players.”

The ReSporter: Good luck this Saturday in your game Coach.