Coaches Corner, Football | November 2, 2012

Coaches Corner: With Lloyd Fields

The ReSporter: What are you thinking about with your opponent

Head Coach Lloyd Fields

this Saturday?

Coach Fields: “They (Houston Emery-Weiner) are one of the best 4 and 4 teams I’ve seen, they could have a better record.”

The ReSporter: What will be your plan of attack for this contest?

Coach Fields: “We are going to look at different kids in carrying the ball…probably run our tight offense that is looking pretty good, it is very functional.”

The ReSporter: What are you looking for in that type of offense?

Coach Fields: “That is the type of offense that could give you an eight to ten play drive and help with grinding it out more.”

The ReSporter: This game is in the middle of District competition, how are you preparing your players to prepare for this type of game?

Coach Fields: “Our whole goal is to get ready for a tough work out…We have dealt with a lot of adversity this season and I have found out that this group of kids are very resilient and have shown up every day for work.”

The ReSporter: It is a long drive to Houston.

Coach Fields: “Tomorrow we get to play football and it will give them a chance not to worry about district games and just go out and have fun. The thing we like about road games is having the kids getting a chance to bond. When we have home games, they just show up for the game and play, but a road game will always give you that bonding thing.”

The ReSporter: Yes, as you know, I’m pretty big on stats and this team has one of the best road records around…I think your record since you have been Coach is 19-1.

Coach Fields: “We think our good road record is based on how the kids react on those type of trips. Yeah, our road record is pretty impressive.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach, good luck and be safe.