Boys Basketball, Game Article | November 14, 2012

Hawks Boys Basketball Start Season with Loss to Cedar Creek

Canyon Lake Boy’s Basketball tipped off their season last Tuesday night at Hawk gym against Stacey, in what proved to be a glorified scrimmage based on having one practice for many of these players.

“We played hard and we have had only one or two practices,” Head Coach Lucas Chapman said. “We haven’t had a lot of time to get our feet yet.”

Cedar Creek comes from a larger school setting, which gives those type of schools an upper hand against schools like Canyon Lake that has many players just now coming over from their football season.

The Hawks had a lead of 2-0, but that would be their last chance to be above water, as this Cedar Creek team had plenty of depth and continued to bring players from their bench that could exploit CL, which was just trying to find out who was playing where.

Coach Chapman also had 14 players that he was trying to find out what their skill set would be this early in the season.

“There was no complaining,” Coach Chapman said, while reacting to how this game transpired and also working out who got in the game and when.

Canyon Lake scored 32 points with Luke Curry and Paul Davis leading the way, scoring eight points each.

The Hawks scored the same amount of three point goals sinking five of those shots, while sinking five two point goals.

Cedar Creek had more height and controlled their offensive side of the court. At one point, you could of had a time of possession stat line based on how many minutes Cedar Creek was playing on their side of the court based on countless offensive rebounds.

Chalk this game up to an old fashion scrimmage and get some practicing in for future games.