Boys Basketball, Game Article | November 21, 2012

Hawks Freshman Boys Beat Brahmas, 58-28

Canyon Lake Boy’s Freshman team had a refreshing win over Stockdale Freshman squad last Tuesday night at Hawk Gym, winning 58-28.

All the Hawks got into this game and contributed in some fashion. It was a good game to work on different aspects of their game for future encounters.

Justin Ferris finished with six points and was like many other players as both his field goals were from beyond the arc. There were several players that launched a barrage of shots from down town.

“It’s all in commitment,” Ferris started. “Everybody is working hard and knowing what to do.”

In games that get enough separation, you will find Coaches in a learning mode.

“Trying to feed the ball to the post men and get them into the game,” Ferris said after asked on what part of this game, Coach wanted them to work on.

“We are still trying to get into basketball shape from football shape,” Coach John Barthels said. “We have players that have not picked up a basketball in a year.”

Coach Barthels also commented on how he managed this game, “We were able to make better passes and started playing more as a team. Our defense picked up and we were in the right spots today for our press.”

This Canyon Lake team did not lose any intensity or skill level no matter how deep in the bench, Coach Barthels went.

“We are a very athletic team,” Coach Barthels finished.

                        1   2   3   4   Final
 Stockdale Freshman     7   9   5   7   28
 Canyon Lake Freshman  15  19  15   9   58