Football, Game Article | November 18, 2012

Logos Prep Lions Loose Teeth in Loss to BCS, 60-30

Bracken Christian Warriors took the bite out Logos Prep Lions last Saturday in Rockdale, 60-30.

Fullback Preston Koch

The last time BCS was trailing in a game was eight games ago against Boerne Geneva.

This Sugarland team had a lead twice as a result of that ‘Bonus Kick’, that has eluded this Warrior team all season long.

Bracken won when their defense figured out a different game plan defensively and that new scheme helped the Warriors get their separation, with five straight drives of holding Sugarland without a score.

“We just discovered our momentum and they weren’t able to come back from that,” Jeremy Fasenmyer said.

Meanwhile, BCS was scoring on their first nine drives of this game which helped in establishing a game plan that would allow Bracken to put their game in cruise control.

Bracken would have the following results with the ball:
 Plays    Drive   Pass Plays      Rushing Plays       Score after Drive
   9       63     3 for 44 yds    6 for 19 yds              6-0
   5       36     1 for 11 yds    4 for 25 yds             13-8
   2       47     1 for 47 yds    1 for  0 yds             20-14
   2       45     1 for  8 yds    1 for 37 yds             27-14
   2       39     0 for  0        2 for 39 yds             34-14
   4       35     0 for  0        4 for 35 yds             41-14
   3       61     0 for  0        3 for 61 yds             48-14
   7       61     2 for  0 (inc)  5 for 61 yds             54-22
   5       60     0 for  0        5 for 60 yds             60-22

From the chart above you can see how those five defensive stops helped Bracken establish a good lead and in essence give the Warriors some valuable four quarters of work.

The back breaker drive might have been the third drive, when Achilles found Receiver Davis Scott all alone after faking a run into the line.

“He was so wide open and there was no one close to him (Scott),” Achilles completed.

“It was because of Eli, he makes my job very easy,” Davis said. “If i would of dropped that ball, I would of just sat down…I kept saying to myself, Don’t mess up….Don’t mess up…”

Last season, BCS was hindered by all the Mercy games they administered to their opponents and then having two games going all four quarters in the playoffs helping that extra step in their get-a-long to start slowing down.

Bracken had nine straight games last season that did not go four quarters and Coach Lloyd Fields said it best last week, “We peaked too early last season.”

Bracken is in full play-off mode now as you will see little things that will tend to disappear.

1) Penalties, all season long, have been plentiful. So much, that Coach Fields had to go to a RA (Referee Anonymous) meetings. During that time, a ‘Flag’ might of sent Coach over a rail while driving.

In this game, just one penalty was administered all day long and that penalty was an off-side on a kick-off. For the year, Bracken was averaging five penalties and 43 yards per game.

2) No turnovers, this has not been much of a problem all year. The Warriors just have six turnovers all season, but in that one loss, to Geneva, Bracken had three or half of that total.

3) Bonus kicks have already been mentioned, but BCS had their best game of converting after a touchdown. Six of eight touchdowns were successful and that will be another part of this playoff run where every point counts.

Logos Prep Academy (LPA) was a much better team than the Six-Man community will give them credit for.

Speed to burn and a receiver Toby Pavik, who can make you pay very quickly with his catches.

This time of year, polls mean nothing. How bad you beat your opponent is not your main objective.

As long as you score more points, then you have an opportunity to have another week of more action.

“We were just trying to run the clock,” Coach Fields said after responding to their last drive which was their only drive without scoring.

Eli Achilles’ interception to end the first half was his 12 of this season. That is three more than the record for Bracken, that was held by Eli Achilles. Those 12 interceptions is one off the number of passes Bracken had all of last season.

Now you have a sense of how BCS held LPA out of their end zone for those five possessions.

During that span, the Lions passed 10 times and completed three of those passes for four yards. Add an interception to that list and you now have the kryptonite that made this team mortal.

“Our original intention was having me (Achilles), one on one with Pavik,” Safety Eli Achilles intercepted. “We wanted to see what the corners would do, then we brought them in.”

“The key was having Eli on #25 (Pavik) and that shut them down,” Corner Sam Hilgendorf said. “Not letting them go deep was what we took away from them.”

John Colby and Fasenmyer were pivotable in that part of the game, harassing the quarterback and what passes were completed being nothing to hurt in turning drives into touchdowns.

Colby was into game number 11 in six-man career and had responded to this game and how he reacted defensively, “They had a very good center and so I had to go around because I could not bull rush.”

Before LPA’s last drive, the Lions averaged a little over five yards per play, which in 6-Man terms, means not much. Contrast BCS averaging, over 10 yards per play and you have a game that favored the Warriors.

Bracken either took the Lion’s teeth or BCS had some miraculous Book of Daniel intervention. Either way, the Warriors survived to play another day and another rung up that ladder.

Next week, BCS will get another chance to gain those three yards back that eluded them last season against Abilene Christian.

“It will take a lot more blocking on the line, this will be a tough game,” Fasenmyer finished.

Go Warriors!

                       1   2   3   4   Final
 Bracken Christian    20  21  13  06   60
 Logos Prep Academy   14  00  08  08   30
 Scoring Summary:
 BCS-Eli Achillies 3 yard run (pass failed), 7:48, 1st
 LPA-Cooper Hicks 5 yard run (Toby Pavik kick), 3:42, 1st
 BCS-Eli Achilles 1 yard run (Achilles run), 1:37, 1st
 LPA-Pavik 25 yard pass from Jacob Ross (pat failed), 0:40, 1st
 BCS-Davis Scott 47 yd pass from Achilles (John Colby pass from Achilles),0:00, 1st
 BCS-Eli Achilles 37 yard run (Colby pass from Achilles), 7:44, 2nd
 BCS-Eli Achilles 26 yard run (Achilles run), 6:25, 2nd
 BCS-Eli Achilles 7 yard run (Achilles run), 2:15, 2nd
 BCS-Eli Achilles 43 yard run (Colby pass from Achilles), 7:14, 3rd
 LPA-Pavik 42 yard pass from Ross (Pavik kick), 6:54, 3rd
 BCS-Eli Achilles 29 yard run (run failed), 3:59, 3rd
 BCS-Eli Achilles 26 yard run (pass failed), 8:56, 4th
 LPA-Pavik 8 yard pass from Ross (Pavik kick), 0:19, 4th
 Game Stats         Warriors      Lions
 Total Yards        465           323
 First Downs        16            12
 Rushes/Yards       38/345        28/116
 Comp/Att/Int       6/8/0         19/30/1
 Passing Yards      120           207
 Punts/Average      0/0           1/36.0
 Fumbles/Lost       0/0           2/1
 Penalties-Yards    1-5           4-30
 Passing          Comp   Att   Pct.  Yards   TD   Int
 Eli Achilles     6      8    .750   120     1    0
 Rushing          Att  Yards  Ave.  Lg   TD
 Eli Achilles     19   245   12.9   43   8
 Preston Koch     14    79    5.6   13   0
 Connor Simmons    3    16    5.3    9   0
 Mason Anthony     1     3    3.0    3   0
 Coy Zunker        1     2    2.0    2   0
 Receiving        No   Yards  Ave.  Lg   TD
 Davis Scott      3    73     21.8  47   1
 Preston Koch     2    27     13.5  16   0
 John Colby       1    20     20.0  20   0