Girls Basketball, Player Profile | November 16, 2012

Player Profile: Senior Basketball player Katie Williams

The ReSporter: Tell us Katie about how you have balanced Volleyball and Basketball this past Summer?

Senior Katie Williams

Katie Williams: “I was busy this Summer playing both, but I had a lot of games and I played through the Summer and it helped me not lose that feel for Basketball.”

The ReSporter: What position will you be playing for Canyon Lake this year?

Katie Williams: “I will usually play low post. I have learned some different moves and I am posting up a little more than I would of in year’s past.”

The ReSporter: The Hawks seem to be at a different level so far this season.

Katie Williams: “Our guards have a good eye and are distributing the ball which is helping our team in getting confidence. We have a lot of hustle and non-stop energy this year.”

The ReSporter: What other reasons for your good start?

Katie Williams: “Depth!! That is one major reason. I think we also have more speed than we have had in years past.”

The ReSporter: What has Coach Gallagher instilled in you and what are you hoping for this season?

Katie Williams: “She (Coach Gallagher) has always had her teams hustling and I think that is one major tendency. I’m really excited for this team, we will be good and we will always work hard.
This group of girls are a Big Family.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Katie, after this interview, she had one of their biggest blowouts in CL’s history against Comfort (62-24).

Katie Williams at this writing is in fourth place in scoring, behind Tiffany Tschoepe (515), Ashley Pfaff (493), and Megan Browning (428) points.

This team has some chemistry and will be a fun team to follow during this season. Good Luck.