Football, Pre/Game | November 14, 2012

Pre/Game: BCS vs. SL Logos Prep @ 2pm this Saturday

History: Bracken Christian leads series 1-0.
2012 BCS   66  SL Logos Prep   20
This Year:
BCS  56   Austin Hill Country  06       Sugar Land  38   Calvert               40
BCS  66   SugarLand Logos      20       Sugar Land  20   Bracken Christian     66
BCS  60   Brenham Christian    12       Sugar Land  53   High Island           40
BCS  56   Boerne Geneva        58       Sugar Land  81   Magnolia Prep         00
BCS  58   SA Lutheran          00       Sugar Land  60   Austin Hill Co.       39
BCS  98   Gustine              56       Sugar Land  22   Huntsville A/O        28
BCS  53   SA The Winston       08       Sugar Land  56   Pasadena FBC          08
BCS  53   CASA                 00       Sugar Land  72   Conroe Covenant       00
BCS  51   Houston Emery-Weiner 19       Sugar Land  48   Kingwood NE Christian 00
BCS  60   Kerrville OLH        14       Sugar Land  51   Baytown Christian     06

Bracken Christian Warriors will face Sugar Land Logos Prep Lions once again this year in their first round of playoffs. The game will be this Saturday in Rockdale, starting at 2:00pm.

In the first game, this BCS win was almost a full game. There was still more than four minutes remaining when the 45th point difference was scored in this game.

The Warriors doubled Logos Prep’s yardage and also doubled their first downs.

Some differences from the two games. Arnold Adame was lost for the season since that game and that loss has been huge hole for Bracken to continue trying to fill.

A few players have returned or joined up as a result of that injury.

Mason Anthony and Connor Simmons have been pleasant add-ons for Bracken, as both players are having a good year in filling that gap left from Adame’s absence.

Jordan Rohlmeier has also come back from an injury which will help Bracken on the offensive side of the ball.

More good news, many of the younger players could be in essence starting their Sophomore year with their learning, that has been amassed for this first 10 games played.

Preston Koch has been a force at running back while Davis Scott has stretched the field taking over the receiving position.

John Colby was just playing his second game, when he suited up to play Logos Prep in the first game this year. Now Colby can rely on 10 games in his back pocket from playing this new game that is different from the crowded field game he played at Smithson Valley.

Bracken also held Logos Prep to their lowest point total for this year and was also the only team to give this Lions team a mercy game.

Logos Prep other two losses were by a total of 10 points, so the difference in teams played usually will have a large drop off.

Their Huntsville Alpha-Omega game was with some of Logos Prep players injured and could of easily been a win based on that six point loss.

One other game, where you can assess their strength of both teams might come from the results of games with Austin Hill Country.

For BCS, this game was a mercy game and AHC had very little to offer in competition for that first game of the season.

The 21 point win for Logos Prep was a little more than a month after Bracken beat Austin Hill Country.

Has AHC become a better program? They probably have, but another side of that question would be, has Logos Prep and Bracken become a better team since the two games earlier this season.

Logos Prep has one of the fastest teams in Texas and very little is known about this team as far as The ReSporter trying to find out additional information about this team.

That is why our major information known is the actual game played earlier this year.

Can Sugar Land win? Yes, they can win and BCS has to be as prepared about this game as any this year, because this is the next game on their schedule.

Which by the way could be their last game if they don’t come out prepared and focused for this game.

Defense is the key to games when getting into playoff mode and this game will be no exception.

Good Luck Bracken Christian and take care of business this weekend.