Football, Pre/Game | November 8, 2012

The Drum Beat: With CL’s Football Coach Charley Drum

The ReSporter: Hey Coach Drum, this week your team will be

Head Coach Charley Drum

facing a known offense and yet it is one of the toughest offenses to control, why?

Coach Drum: “Our biggest problem is simulating this type of offense in practice. They (Navarro) have been running this offense since Seventh Grade and it is just hard to simultate.”

The ReSporter: Tell us a little more about what makes this offense so hard to figure out.

Coach Drum: “There are different keys for the defense. The Defensive Line, Linebackers, and Defensive Backs are all looking for different areas for assignment football.”

The ReSporter: In Navarro’s two losses this season, how did those teams disrupt this Panther team?

Coach Drum: “Wimberley had good penetration and controlled their line of scrimmage. You have to have a good scheme. If you do something to slow them down, then they can counter and they have done a good job doing that this season. Navarro has been successful because they don’t have a lot of turnovers.”

The ReSporter: How will you approach this game?

Coach Drum: “We told the players, that this will be their third game in which they have different match-ups. Last week in our game with Boerne, they caused problems in the second half by changing up and getting better match-ups.
In the Wimberley game, they had better match-ups with their defense against our offense. This week, we have to hopefully match up better against Navarro.”

The ReSporter: How is Eduardo Covarrubias and Trevor Duty after leaving in last week’s game?

Coach Drum: “Eduardo is sore but he is going to play. Trevor will not be back and we will need other players to step up as he was playing well at defensive end for us.”

The ReSporter: In this game you already know what your puzzle pieces look like. First you need to win and if Boerne beats Wimberley, then it doesn’t matter by how much, but if Wimberley beats Boerne, then you know in order to make the playoffs, you need to be up by 15 points when the game is over.

Coach Drum: “This is a playoff game. We can’t assume Boerne will or can win so we will be going into this game trying to win by 15 points.
We had a real good practice yesterday but having a good practice and executing in a game are two different things.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach and I look forward to our talk next week after your three touchdown win this Friday.