Coaches Corner, Football | December 12, 2012

BCS: Player Accolades and Coaches Corner

Bracken Christian has now been without a football game for a few weeks and The ReSporter would like to put some finishing touches on what was and will be.

First off, let’s share some State and District accolades:

 First Team Offense:                             First Team Defense:
 Receiver:     Junior Davis Scott                Linebacker:     Senior Eli Achilles
 Running Back: Senior Eli Achilles               Defensive Line: Junior John Colby
 Utility Back: Junior Preston Koch               Defensive Back: Junior Sam Hilgendorf
 Second Team Offense:                            Second Team Defense:
 Offensive Line: Senior Jeremy Fasenmyer         Defensive Back: Junior Connor Simmons
 Special Teams:  Sophomore Coy Zunker
 Offensive MVP:  Eli Achilles                    Defensive MVP:   Eli Achilles
 Honorable Mention: Offense                      Defense
 Quarterback Junior Sam Hilgendorf               Defensive Line: Junior Davis Scott
Second off, let's share some All-State Honors:
 All State First Team Running Back           Eli Achilles
 All State First Team Linebacker             Eli Achilles
 All State Honorable Mention Receiver        Davis Scott
 All State Second Team Utility Back          Preston Koch
 All State Honorable Mention Defensive Line  John Colby

Congratulations to all these players that are mentioned above.

The ReSporter: Hello Coach, wanted to finalize last season while looking ahead to next year. You are losing a player (Eli Achilles) that was your only passer last season. I’m sure that you can use one hand to count the number of teams that used just one player for that job. What do you do to replace that for next season?

Coach Fields: “We are going to give them (Sam Hilgendorf and Brady Beene) a football to take home and throw at tires until spring practice starts.”

The ReSporter: You are losing a couple of hard to replace players, how many Junior High players will be making a sojourn up to Varsity next season?

Coach Fields: “Right now we hope to have four players moving up. I have already talked about Beene, who played quarterback last season. Austin Brownlee, Seth Smith, and Bailey Tremont are the other three players we are planning on making the jump.”

The ReSporter: What are your plans in a few months when Spring Practice starts up after track season?

Coach Fields: “Spring practice will be interesting…we will have to get several of our players in shape to go both ways next year. We will need our older players to take leadership roles this coming season.”

The ReSporter: Talk about some of your strengths.

Coach Fields: “Our offensive line is set, those players will have a lot of experience and that will help us a lot. Mason Anthony will be our tailback and we will need to give him as many reps as we can this spring. Defensively, Bracken has always had a linebacker make All-State the past four years and we will have two choices to continue that legacy with Colby and Hilgendorf.”

The ReSporter: It sounds like your defense will be solid, who else will be pivotable this coming campaign?

Coach Fields: “Defensive End will be in good hands with Preston Koch and Davis Scott, but I was also impressed with Gunnar Stolhandske during the end of this season.”

The ReSporter: What will your offensive plan be for next year?

Coach Fields: “During spring practice we will be learning three formations, but we will need to develop a spread back. We will be a work in progress for our offense. But our whole Spring practice will revolve of going back to the basics.”

The ReSporter: Give us some final thoughts on this past team and year.

Coach Fields: “Davis Scott was the ultimate team player this year. This young man took two positions that he had never  played before and maxed out his ability in both. Every Coach in Texas would love to have a Davis Scott on their team.  It was a good year and our kids played to the max! We lost an All State receiver (Arnold Adame) during this year, and this team continued to get over those hurdles. The team let very little get in their way and they had a very good focus during this whole year.”

The ReSporter: What will your schedule and district look like next year?

Coach Fields: “Boerne Geneva should be the favorite next year, they are losing two receivers, quarterback, and a spread back, but they will have capable players to replace them.”

“OLH (Kerrville) has a stud running back coming up and they have a chance to return to glory again next season.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach and enjoy your second home in East Texas, we will see you this next Spring.