Game Article, Girls Basketball | December 30, 2012

CL Loses Twice in Lampasas, Now Preparation for District Starts

Canyon Lake Girl’s Basketball finished their Lampasas tournament with two losses on Saturday as they now look forward to District 27-3A action.

The Hawks went back to some troubling habits in those losses with that main habit coming in the form of turnovers.

CL had 25 and 32 turnovers with those two losses which turned out to be almost a larger number than points scored in those two contests.

Having enough able bodies was also a downfall for Canyon Lake as Hannah St. John was out with an injury giving the Hawks only eight players to finish out their last two games.

Taking care of the ball will have to be a major item needed to be rectified going into district play while also using this next off week getting more players healthy.

Saturday’s opponents gave Canyon Lake an idea of what type of teams they have coming up on their schedule.

Navarro and Boerne will certainly emulate those games with athletes that can pressure and get easy baskets.

In Canyon Lake’s game with Lampasas earlier this season, the Hawks were able to convert on some outside shots while Katie Williams and Amber Ramsey controlled the boards.

Not playing in two weeks combined with four games in two days certainly added to the losses on Saturday.

Add not having a full bench to that formula and your result might be predicted on what actually happened on Saturday.

Canyon Lake has now entered into the part of their season that games are played for keeps.

A 14-5 record does look good, but those wins will not be used in determining teams that will make the playoffs.

What will insure a good chance of making Canyon Lake’s season longer?

1. Reduce Turnovers…each turnover represents a lost chance to score.
2. Improve shooting percentages.
3. Keep getting offensive rebounds and controlling the boards.
4. Free throw shooting has improved over their last six games, that needs to continue.
5. Defense, Defense, Defense. If defense is tenacious enough, then that will lead to forced turnovers.

Fredericksburg and Bandera will be the first two District 27-3A games and Canyon Lake will be well served if they can start by taking care of business with wins in those games.

The Billies game will be on the road where your Hawks finished their campaign last season with a 10 point win, 38-28.

Lago Vista is one team that has given both Fredericksburg and Canyon Lake a loss this season.

The Billies lost, 39-30 while Canyon Lake finished on the short end by a 47-36 score.

Fredericksburg along with Wimberley will be two likely opponents fighting along with the Hawks for that last opening for playoff action.

 27-3A Standings       W    L    Pct.
 Navarro              18    3   .857
 Boerne               15    4   .824
 Canyon Lake          14    5   .737
 Wimberley             5    8   .385
 Fredericksburg        5   10   .333
 Bandera               4   11   .267
Upcoming District Games:
 January 4th
 Canyon Lake     @  Fredericksburg 7:00pm
 Boerne          @  Navarro
 Bandera         @  Wimberley
 January 11th
 Bandera         @  Canyon Lake    7:30pm
 Wimberley       @  Navarro
 Fredericksburg  @  Boerne
 Leading Scorers:      Team      Points     Average
 Shannon Thompson      Navarro   358        17.0
 Avery Queen           Boerne    295        15.5
 Allie Doucet          Billies   112        12.4
 Katie Williams        HAWKS     227        11.9
 Summer Sand           Navarro   230        11.0
 Kelsey Gray           Texans    106        10.6
 Mica Schneider        Boerne    184        10.2
 Katrina Spangenberg   Texans    100        10.0
 Sara Hancock          Navarro   197         9.4
 Amber Ramsey          HAWKS     166         8.7