Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball | December 17, 2012

CL’s Basketball Weekly Recap for Boy’s and Girl’s

CL Hawks Boys and Girls Basketball Week’s Recap

The Canyon Lake Ladies have had another successful week in hoopsville.

Since our last recap, CL Girls have won a tournament and both single games last week over Devine and Pleasanton.

This team is now on a seven game winning streak which is a high water mark for this school.

In our last wrap up ‘Percentages’ was talked about and here is what the Hawks had two weeks ago compared to today:

 Team Total                      Shots       3Point       Free Throws
 Percentages Two Weeks Ago      36.7%        32.9%        39.2%
 Percentages Now                33.4%        31.4%        42.8%

All those percentages have gone down except for Canyon Lake’s free throws.

Shooting is important, but this team relies on three other items that have resulted in their bottom line: Winning.

Defense has been top notch throughout in all their games thus far. That one result can cover a multitude of shortcomings in a game. This Hawk team is a testament to that truism.

Another positive is how much the Hawks are cutting down on those pesky turnovers. Every time a turnover is avoided will give Canyon Lake another chance to score.

One more positive this team possesses is their knack for offensive rebounding. That one stat will allow that shooting percentage to actually be higher than it shows.

Canyon Lake averages right at 14 offensive rebounds per game which might be their most important number in that stat box.

Confidence is sprouting with each win and the emergence of Sophomore Kyndall Drum will pay dividends when district starts.

Canyon Lake will be able to counter many other teams with height and when you have that advantage it will give you many more options on how Coach Gallagher can approach games.

CL Notes:

* Katie Williams passed Tiffany Tschoepe and is now the all time scorer with 546 pts.
* Canyon Lake is 3-0 in overtime games.
* Hawk Defense is giving up 31 points per game.
* Amber Ramsey is averaging 11 rebounds per game.
* Katie Williams is averaging 12 points per game.
* Olivia Flores has 18 of Canyon Lake's 26 three point shots.
* Dulce Brown averages 3 steals per game.


Canyon Lake Boy’s have now won more games than they have lost and one more win will give them more wins in a year since their ’09-’10 season.

That year the Hawks won 14 games which still remains their best in school history.

This past week, CL started off with a four point victory in Comfort and then a 3-1 mark at the Randolph Tournament.

Isaac Pruna was nursing an injury and looks to return soon, but in the mean time the Hawks have established a defense that is just percentage points from last years record year.

Contrast that defense with over seven points more being scored this season and you have an explanation for their better record.

Senior Doug Hubnik has been in double figures with assists and has moved up to second only 26 more before he can pass Matt Magness with 136 for his recently completed career.

Hubnik stands with 74 assists just this season, right at five per game.

Caleb Kreiger has 27 blocks this season and with 15 more can pass Neal Whitehead in that department.

Another Hawk that can set a standard for three point shots is Andrew Riali with 23 halfway through this season. Riali still has a hill to climb but this young man is tied with Christian Pena for fifth place on the charts.

Canyon Lake also won a non-district district game with Navarro in the Randolph tourney.

That simply means that the win was not during district games, but still important since the only district game won in the past two years was a forfeit with SA Hawkins.

This game gave CL a chance to have a measuring stick with an opponent that will be on their schedule two more times.

The Hawks will have two games this week and both will be close enough for a chance to see them in action.

This Tuesday, CL will play at home against La Vernia and on Friday your Hawks will go on the road to New Braunfels to meet a good TAPPS school, New Braunfels Christian.

Where current Hawks rank in several statistical areas:

 Three Point Goals                          Free Throws Made
 Cole Green       Standard     77           Matt Magness      Standard      120
 Andrew Riali     5th          23           Doug Hubnik       6th            59
 Paul Davis       6th          20
 Total Rebounds                             Assists
 Neal Whitehead   Standard    203           Matt Magness      Standard      136
 Caleb Kreiger    6th         113           Doug Hubnik       2nd           110
 Blocks                                     Steals
 Neal Whitehead   Standard     41           Neal Whitehead    Standard       78
 Caleb Kreiger    3rd          27           Doug Hubnik       7th            41