Coaches Corner, Football | December 19, 2012

Coaches Corner with Football Coach Charley Drum

The ReSporter caught up with Head Football Coach Charley Drum for some thoughts on

Head Coach Charley Drum

this past season.

The ReSporter: Hey Coach Drum, you have just completed your first year as Head Coach, What was a major thing you learned your first year that you will take with you in your future Coaching career?

Coach Drum: “I learned not to assume anything.  With the transition at Head Coach happening so late, and relatively few coaching changes, there was not much time for any significant changes with our offense, defense, and our coaching staff.  I assumed that what we had done in the past would be just fine for this year.”
The ReSporter: This year’s team seemed to be missing an identity, how will you address ways of getting this team ready for next year?

Coach Drum: “The coaches and myself met immediately after this season and came to the same conclusion.  We immediately addressed this with our offseason program.  We have made significant changes to our offseason program and designed it to correct the deficiencies we felt we had this past year.  The second way we will address this is running an offense and defense that fits our team’s identity that we want to develop.”
The ReSporter: Offensively, what will be your philosophy going into next year?

Coach Drum: “Depending on what type of offense we choose to run, we will have the best fit for the quarterback position.  It may be a kid that has played the position or not.  We tell the kids every year that every position is wide open and the QB position is no different.  We believe this competition will allow us to put the best individual on the field.”
The ReSporter: Defensively, what are your concerns and hope for this unit going into next season? How do you replicate that 2009 defensive unit?

Coach Drum: “I agree, we have yet to consistently resemble that defense from 2009.  We have already started to address such things as toughness and attitude with our offseason program.  We are hoping we can find 11 individuals that will be able to consistently display these traits week in and week out.”
The ReSporter: “Give us an idea of how the Total Football Program looks going into next season?

Coach Drum: “Although we came up one game short of our goal, making the playoffs, there are many positives going forward.  Our sophomore class is very deep and are passionate about the game of football.  Don’t be surprised if there are quite a few juniors starting their first varsity game next year against Blanco.  Our freshman class is not very deep, but they fought through numerous injuries this year and finished with a 3-2 district record.  They, like the sophomore class are working hard, and are extremely excited about next year.  Being able to watch both the 7th and 8th grade this year, I realized that we have quite a few players at the skill positions and we are very excited about them maturing into great high school football players.  Just like with any class, if we develop some offensive and defensive linemen with both of those groups, they could be special as they enter the high school ranks.”