Coaches Corner, Girls Basketball | December 28, 2012

Coaches Corner with Girl’s Basketball Coach Gallagher

Coaches Corner with Mary Beth Gallagher

Coach Mary Beth Gallagher

The ReSporter: Give us an idea of how you ended up with two week’s off this year?

Coach Gallagher: “Last year at this time we had already played two district games and thinking that would be the case this season left us scrambling for games. We did not realize until it was too late to schedule games. We called a lot of schools and did get our last two with Pleasanton and Devine.”

The ReSporter: What might be some benefits for this long of a layoff?

Coach Gallagher: “This break will actually help us as these girls will have time to study and do better in their classes. The break will also give us some scrimmages and conditioning. The girls worked hard especially in our scrimmages already this week.”

The ReSporter: Tell us about this Tournament in Lampasas?

Coach Gallagher: “We will have a four team pod system and will be guaranteed at least three games in two days and maybe four.”

The ReSporter: Who are the teams and what do you mean ‘Maybe’ four games?

Coach Gallagher: “The teams in our group is Lampasas, Lorena, and Crockett. The other pod had a team cancel and will only have three teams Dripping Springs, Mason, and Belton. Because that pod lost a team, it will give the fourth place team in our pod without that last game.”

The ReSporter: So you would need to have the third best record on your round robin of games to have a chance to play again?

Coach Gallagher: “Yes, if we finish first then we would get the first place team from the other group of teams, finish second then second place team and so on.”

The ReSporter: Tell us about your first part of the season and how you feel everything is going.

Coach Gallagher: “Our high/low offense has been working well, but we will doing more work with our pick and roll and driving and finishing at the basket.”

The ReSporter: What other parts of your game is paramount for having a good run in district play?

Coach Gallagher: “We need to stick with our game plan and play with a hot spot and know when to start driving. I think we have a magic number of getting to 40 points. If we can get to that number, then I feel we will give our team a good chance for a win.”

The ReSporter: It seems that your defense has been doing well during your first 15 games. Give us an idea what we should expect from that part of your game?

Coach Gallagher: “With this group of girls it (Defense) is our focus. We still play man in practice and our defense is our heart and passion.”

The ReSporter: Give us an idea about your thoughts on the teams in your district.

Coach Gallagher: “Navarro is certainly the class of our district and Boerne will be tough too. If our defense can play to their strength, then that might help in keeping Navarro and Boerne down. We recognize they have a skill level that is different, but if we can raise our basketball I.Q., then we will have a chance.
We will have to win with our defense.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach and good luck in your tournament and District 27-3A games coming up next week.