Coaches Corner, Softball | January 9, 2013

Coaches Corner with Softball Coach John Gallagher

The ReSporter: Hey Coach, Softball is right around the corner and we are looking forward to how your team will do this season.

You mentioned that your major area of concern at the end of last season would be offensive production, is that still your number one concern?

Coach Gallagher: “I still think offense is my main concern. We will work hard on developing good basic techniques, power, knowing what pitch to hit, knowing what situations to bunt, hit and run, etc. Being smart on the bases, and confidence is their ability to put the ball in play.”

The ReSporter: How has that softball IQ been advanced throughout this offseason?

Coach Gallagher: “Through repetition on basics: fielding,throwing, and hitting. We are also using classroom talk through and script situations and watch video to help everyone learn the game better.”

The ReSporter: What year do you get the most bounce from your players? Freshman to Sophomore? Sophomore to Junior? etc….

Coach Gallagher: “I think overall, you get the most from your sophomore to junior years. Players are more confident in their abilities, stronger, faster, smarter, and have had time to learn a system and have experience in what it takes to be successful.”

The ReSporter: To have a good team you need to be strong up the middle. How will that part of your team be able to give the Hawks a chance for making the playoffs?

Coach Gallagher: “Strong up the middle means many things. We need to have great communications between the Short Stop, Second Baseman, Pitcher, and Catcher. We need to improve on quickness to the ball, accurate throwing, and understanding what the situation dictates on where to throw the ball. Repetition will build skill, skill builds confidence, and confidence builds a strong attitude, and attitude translates into success. Competition and experience will help build this squad.”

The ReSporter: In going down to that last game last year, do you think that experience has fueled that much needed ‘it’ factor needed to get those intangibles for making a run this season?

Coach Gallagher: “I believe it will be a factor for this season. Those returning players know and remember that game. I use it as motivation to take care of what you can control and play hard from start to finish.”

The ReSporter: What do you know about your freshman crew and what should the fans be looking for from this group of players?

Coach Gallagher: “I feel that this years’ freshman group can contribute to our success by pushing returners for a starting position. This year several freshman bring in some needed speed, and experience from playing on summer/travel teams. This group of freshman have had no problems fitting in with the older girls.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach and we will catch up with you as we get closer to the start of the new season.