Girls Basketball, Sport News | January 14, 2013

Improved Free Throw Shooting could translate into Wins

Canyon Lake Lady Hawks have some encouraging signs that might help in climbing that hill for a chance to make the playoffs.

Free Throws is one of those times when teams can turn around a game. When a team is attempting to score points from their charity stripe, time stands still with points being scored without losing precious seconds on the clock while your team is in catch-up mode.

The Hawks have upped their ante for this part of the game by increasing their percentage to the good.

Before the Crockett game or the first 17 games this season your Hawks made 43 out of 100 free throws or 43% of their shots.

In their last five games (not counting Wimberley), Canyon Lake has made 59 shots out of 84 attempts. That will translate into a 70% improvement for the team.

Individually you might see how almost every girl has improved on their percentage.

Free Throws       Before Crockett Game     After Crockett Game
Tammy Dean            4-16 25%                    6-8  75%
Kelsey Long           7-13 54%                    4-5  80%
Amber Ramsey         10-25 40%                   10-12 83%
Olivia Flores        10-17 59%                   18-22 82%
Katie Williams       18-29 62%                   11-17 65%
Trena Lorett          4-20 20%                    3-4  75%
Dulce Brown          12-27 44%                    3-8  38%
Hannah St. John      14-35 40%                    4-8 50%
Kyndall Drum Has not attempted a free throw in the last five games.

Those numbers will and can add up for a team that is needing to shore up a couple more issues, but taking this season one step at a time will give you an idea that the climb is not that much further to be able to cash in on for some victories.

Canyon Lake will need to sweep Fredericksburg and Wimberley on their next round and steal a victory or hope that Fredericksburg slips up and loses a game that they were favored.

This is all based on an assumption that Boerne and Navarro are the two teams that will lead this season in district play.

Many of these items are fluid. The ReSporter just received the Stats for the Wimberley game while working on this story and that one item that might have caused this defeat was how the Hawks free throw shooting was back to how they were shooting in the first 17 games of the season.

Under 50% from the line in this game which was lost by four points. Yes, there had to be other variables going into that final score, but if you want to see that elephant in the room, then look no further than that free throw line.

The Hawks are one game under .500 in district play, but working on those little things can pay dividends. Good Luck!!