Girls Basketball, Pre/Game | January 11, 2013

PreGame: Lady Hawks Take on Wimberley

What we do know about Wimberley with two games in the books for District 27-3A, they will score at a much higher clip than the two teams the Hawks have played thus far.

Wimberley averages 56.5 points per game and has also held a common opponent (Bandera) to less points than Canyon Lake did, 23 points to 29 points.

Canyon Lake leads the league in defense giving up 35.5 points per game, but that might be more of a who have you played than a lock down defense.

Tonights game will help answer that quandary of questions as the Hawks will try to slow down that Texan offense and also increase their offense to give them a chance.

Canyon Lake will be depending on Katie Williams and Amber Ramsey to excel and how these two girls play will give you an idea of their chances of pulling off a victory.

Other keys to the game:

1. Taking care of the ball. This is a huge category for CL to embrace. Turnovers have been in abundance these last few games. Having over 25 turnovers has resulted in a loss in all but one of Canyon Lake’s defeats this year.

2. The Hawks need to improve on their offense and find a way to get their score to 40 or more points. The Hawks have struggled in this department much of this season and when facing a team that has the capability of scoring in bunches, then matching those spurts will get amplified.

3. Bench needs to get into the game and produce. When this is said, one might think production comes in the form of points. That is not what production is defined as in this game. A good illustration would come from Kyndall Drum and Kelsey Long. Both of these players are not in the game to score points as much as getting a key steal, asslst, rebound, etc.

Canyon Lake also has this game being played in Wimberley which will always give the home team a slight advantage.

Those three points above can be mentioned for any game in a season and for any number of teams.

For the Hawks these three components are MAJOR points and any three could spell doom for your Hawks if not addressed by the team and improved upon.

Canyon Lake can get away with not doing those items above and still beat a Bandera by five points. However that same luxury will not be adorned on Canyon Lake with the rest of this district.

Look at the Fredericksburg game for evidence.

Interesting Tidbits on where many current players are in relation to the record books:

Points Scored                       Career Field Goals
 1. Katie Williams     678          1. Katie Williams       288
 2. Tiffany Tschoepe   515          2. Tiffany Tschoepe     188
 7. Amber Ramsey       308          6. Amber Ramsey         132
Made Free Throws                    Blocks
 1. Ashley Pfaff       152          1. Katie Williams        65
 4. Katie Williams      98          2. Amber Ramsey          52
 8. Amber Ramsey        40          3. Tiffany Tschoepe      48
 9. Olivia Flores       36
Steals                              Assists
 1. Katie Williams     134          1. Tiffany Arredondo    125
 2. Amber West         127          7. Katie Williams        45
 3. Amber Ramsey       123
Rebounds                            Three Point Shots
 1. Tiffany Tschoepe   579          1. Ashley Pfaff          39
 2. Katie Williams     486          2. Olivia Flores         30
 3. Amber Ramsey       348