Player Profile, Softball | February 12, 2013

Softball: Circles are more Valuable than Diamonds

In Softball everything starts in a Circle with a Diamond taking second fiddle.

A Smiling Freshman Pitcher Alexis Robinson

Yes, the diamond is still needed for this game but if you don’t have someone that you can count on in that Circle, then a diamond might not matter.

Canyon Lake has had a very good pitcher the past four years in Missy Romero and now that baton has been passed to a Freshman in Alexis Robinson.

Robinson is another one of those Freshman athletes that has come onto the scene this year and if this trend continues, Canyon Lake will be very competitive for many of their sports.

The Freshman Basketball team finished 18-4 and in Volleyball, CL had four Freshman that moved up to Junior Varsity and Varsity this year and still had a very competitive team on the court as a Freshman team.

Now it is Softball’s turn to have the honors. Robinson will go into the circle and try to continue a Hawk team that missed the playoffs by just one game last year.

“I am just going to play my game,” Robinson started. “I just want to enjoy my four years of softball and play as hard as I can.”

Robinson also talked about who she has taken that baton from and had nothing but great things to say about her friend and teammate (in Select Softball) Romero.

“I played with Missy for a long time and she is one of the reasons I chose pitching,” Robinson remembered. “We have known each other for a long time and Missy is the one that got me thinking about playing on Select teams.”

Robinson is already taller than Romero and hopefully will have a chance to be just as tall (in stature) as Romero as she competes for Canyon Lake.

“My height helps, because they say you can get more power on your pitch and it can also help with your stamina,” Robinson finished.

Canyon Lake might also get some good at bats with Robinson as she might have a good sense of what happens in the batter’s box.

That will be the case many times for pitchers since they are always trying to get their opposition out from the circle.

“Yeah, I have a good idea of what an opposing pitcher might be doing when I’m at bat,” Robinson singled out. “I like to go back to the dugout and let my teammates know how a pitcher might be trying to get us out.”

Freshmen still have many things to improve on, but one thing is for sure as this season starts in earnest this weekend.

That the Hawk Circle will encompass a Diamond and then their continued climb will not be hindered as their quest for a Playoff spot looms for the future.

It will always start in the circle.