Sport News, Swimming | February 13, 2013

CL Swim Team Keeps Head above Water with Successful Year

It’s hard to believe that the 2012-13 Swimming season is coming to an end. It has been a great year for Canyon Lake with plenty to be proud of. A few of the highlights include:

– School records were broken over 30 times this season with at least 8 being set at the Region VII 4A Championships.

– The boys placed 3rd at District and 11th at Regionals and the Girls placed 6th in District and 16th in Regionals. All of these were the highest the team has ever finished in each category.

– The boys won the Burnet TISCA 4A & Under Team Championship in December. The first time any CLHS Swim Team had won an invitational meet.

– Over the course of the season we faced no less than 75 different teams (3A, 4A, 5A and private schools) with the boys teams defeating over 82% of them and the girls over 65%.

-The following swimmers qualified for 28-4A ALL-DISTRICT Honors:

All District 28-4A 1st Team
 Christian Duarte   - 100 Backstroke, 400 Free Relay
 Cam Stone          - 200 Freestyle,  200 Freestyle Relay, 400 Freestyle Relay
 Christian Payne    - 400 Freestyle Relay
 Conor Martin       - 200 Freestyle Relay
 Tommy Jordan       - 400 Freestyle Relay, 200 Freestyle Relay
 Kelton Myers       - 200 Freestyle Relay
All District 28-4A 2nd Team
Ariel Lessard      -200 Medley Relay,400 Freestyle Relay,200 Freestyle,100 Butterfly 
Tressa Vannella    -200 Medley Relay, 400 Freestyle Relay, 100 Backstroke,500 Freestyle
Sharon Alexander   -200 Medley Relay, 400 Freestyle Relay,
Bianca Cruz        -200 Medley Relay, 400 Freestyle Relay,
Christian Duarte   -200 Medley Relay, 500 Freestyle
 Christian Payne   -200 Medley Relay, 100 Butterfly, 100 Breaststroke
 Conor Martin      -200 Medley Relay
 Kelton Myers      -200 Medley Relay
 Tommy Jordan      -100 Freestyle
 Doris Schneider   -500 Freestyle
All District 28-4A Honorable Mention
 Sharon Alexander  -200 Freestyle Relay, 100 Breaststroke
 Bianca Cruz       -200 Freestyle Relay
 Doris Schneider   -200 Freestyle Relay
 Nina Davis        -200 Freestyle Relay, 500 Freestyle
 Conor Martin      -500 Freestyle

Thank you all for your support of the program! We could not have been as successful
without everyone behind us. Coach Lee Willing