Player Profile, Track & Field | April 24, 2013

Kaelin Simmons is Ready to Wow! in Region Track Meet

Senior Discus/Shot Put thrower Kaelin Simmons will be on her way to Region this Week-end as

Senior Kaelin Simmons cheering on the Softball Team.

she will be searching for that one throw that might propel her to another Meet called State.

Last year, Simmons made Region Meet in the Shot Put and decided to make it two events this season when she had one of those special throws in District 27-3A Meet in the Discus.

Simmons throw wowed her and Coach Hooper when they measured it at over 110 feet.

Why? Simmons best throw was a good 18 feet less than that total for her tries throughout track season.

Simmons had her best Discus throw in last year’s district meet when she heaved that heavy frisbee for a distance of 89’9.

District Meets agree with this young lady as she went into this years Meet with a shot-put throw of 32’2 and Discus best of 93’5 feet.

She hit 34′ even in the Shot for second place and then her 111’0 Discus throw giving her a first place.

Simmons had garnered 18 points for the CL’s Track total in these two events….a good day’s work to say the least.

The ReSporter caught up with Kaelin to see how she is preparing for her events in a couple of days.

The ReSporter: How are your practices going as the Region Meet is right around the corner?

Kaelin Simmons: “In practice I’m going over muscle memory and preparing in practice.”

The ReSporter: How do you organize your practices since you have two events on your plate to compete in?

Kaelin Simmons: “I give both of my events equal time…I work on my Shot in the mornings and then after school I will go out and work on Discus. The whole time I’m out there, I’m putting in my head to do my best.”

The ReSporter: You have to know your competition pretty well, especially Abby Wetzel with Wimberley. Canyon Lake had four or five meets with Wimberley this season.”

Kaelin Simmons: “Yes, it is usually me and her (Wetzel) and she is a good thrower. I knew I had to beat her in something and I finally did with my Discus throw.”

“But we hope each other do well and we will give each other pep talks during competition. We just try to help each other to do our best.”

The ReSporter: Looking at what the other students have thrown going into this Meet gives you an idea of how well you will have to throw for a chance to get to the State Meet.

Do you feel you have an extra 8-10 feet throw in your arsenal this week-end?

Kaelin Simmons: “After throwing the Shot in district and getting second place, it really got me excited and I got more focused and confident for the Discus event.”

“I have been throwing over 105 feet in practice and I really want to get a better mark and it will be hard for the Shot and Discus but hopefully we will make it.”

The ReSporter: Give us an idea of how and what happened during your Discus throw that was so much further than your previous best during the district meet.

Kaelin Simmons: “I asked myself in my head, ‘Did I just throw that far?’, and then I looked over at Coach Hooper and his eyes were big and he was just looking at me kind of in that Wow! form.”

They were really strict at the Meet and so I could not show a lot of excitement because they might think I was trying to upstage the rest of the girls, especially since they still had a more throws before it was final. I just had to wait on the side and after the last throw I knew that I had First Place in the bag.”

The ReSporter: Kaelin we hope you get to Wow, Coach Hooper again this week and go do you best, Canyon Lake will be waiting to hear how you did and hopefully you will have another, WOW THROW in your arsenal. Good Luck!!