Basketball: Canyon Lake Girls Spotlight and Best All-Time Player

Girls Basketball is next on The ReSporters quest for giving you who based on leadership and playing

Caitlyn Gillum enjoying her Senior Day in 2012

Caitlyn Gillum enjoying her Senior Day in 2012

ability was the best in each sport as Canyon Lake will be graduating it’s third class this May.

Basketball just had a player that was tops in several categories and has just signed a scholarship to play Volleyball and Basketball.

Katie Williams certainly has the numbers to stake a claim for being the best Hawk in Basketball, but let’s break down some numbers and also see what other players have accomplished throughout the past seven years to get a good grasp of who the pick might be.

Three years ago, CL shocked the Basketball world when they improved 18 games and missed going to the second round by one point and three seconds.

That team will certainly have some nominees for having some well deserving players.

Megan Browning would certainly rank high as she is now playing basketball in Arkansas for Hendrix.

Browning ranks fourth in points scored with 428 and also ranks third in assists with 83 dishes to teammates.

Another player that would be considered a good candidate is Tiffany Arredondo who had the ability to dribble through trouble and presses as well.

Arredondo ranks first in assists (125) which attests to what a point guard should be noted for. Add her 90 steals and 332 points also would tell you how hard it would be to guard a player that can make you pay if you play off to help other players on the court.

Arredondo numbers were cut short when she was hurt before her Senior season and missing several games that would certainly cement her even more for this title of best player.

Another Tiffany was also a good post player for Coach Steve Dements teams as Tschoepe has several areas where she was dominant.

Tschoepe places second in scoring (515), third in blocks (48), second in free throws (139), and first in rebounds which will be a hard to top 579 boards for her career.

There were also a couple of players that only had one year playing for Canyon Lake and one just graduated last season and helped the Hawks get to the edge of the cup in making the playoffs.

Caitlyn Gillum was a dish before shooting guard and had 63 assists in her one year at CL. Most of the Hawk players with the numbers had three and four years of piling up those impressive numbers.

Gillum with 63 assists would translate to at least 150 in a three year career if she would of had that opportunity.
She had the ability to make those players around her better, hence just missing the playoffs last season.

The ReSporter will nominate the other one year player as Canyon Lake’s best simply because she had all the tools that made her a hard person to guard.

Ashley Pfaff was a one year player that set one year marks that will not be easy to top.

Year Ashley Pfaff Played 2009
2nd   Three Point Shots   39       Olivia Flores has 42 in her last two years.
2nd   Assists             89       Arredondo is first in three years of playing.
4th   Steals              96       Williams, Ramsey and West are ahead of Pfaff.
5th   Rebounds           199       Tiffany Tschoepe leads in this category.
4th   Blocks              29       Katie Williams also leads in this stanza.
3rd   Career Field Goals 151       Tschoepe and Williams topped Pfaff.
3rd   Career Points      493       Impressive to place third in playing one year.
1st   Season Points      493       Tschoepe is 150 short of this mark.

To be in the top five of all those categories speaks for itself. Pfaff was deadly from outside and could also take her game inside and do just as much damage.

Foul her? You would pay as Pfaff was deadly from the charity stripe. Those numbers don’t lie…they are numbers of Canyon Lake’s best girls basketball player.

The spotlight for next year’s team is based on some players that showed a lot of improvement last season.

How about Olivia Flores? This three point machine can certainly help in a game by opening up a defense that will have to come out and guard those long bombs.

Flores will need to have another guard that can help in bringing up the ball so she has a chance to spot up and shoot or drive to the basket based on how she is defensed.

Amber Ramsey would certainly be a good choice. Ramsey is already pretty high up on a lot of Hawk all time records and her Senior year would do nothing but put an exclamation point on that career.

Several Freshman players have also given notice that they could help out and show that they are ready for the big stage.

The ReSporter will go for Kendall Drum as the spotlight player to watch and see what this team might be able to accomplish as this next year gets started.

Drum has the height and used those qualities for a very good field goal percentage of 44% from the floor.and she finished one rebound short of 100.

With another year of growing into her position, Drum can certainly have a chance of carrying the Hawks through some games and get this team back into a playoff hunt.

The Hawks did lose a good hard to replace senior in Katie Williams, but now that will give Drum and some other players a chance to rise to the top.

Besides Drum, Canyon Lake will rely on players that are not known yet, hence some freshman girls that had a good year last year. One year can have a lot of changes for those girls and it might take just a little confidence during this off season to give that star in their eyes to take the baton.

Now Drum go work on your free throws, I have a feeling you will have a lot of chances this coming season.