Coaches Corner, Football | May 20, 2013

BCS Football Schedule and Coach Fields Final Spring thoughts

Aug. 16 Round Rock Christian  @   Bracken Christian   7pm Scrimmage
Aug. 23 Castle Hills          @   Bracken Christian   7pm Scrimmage
Aug. 30 Austin Hill Country   @   Bracken Christian   7:30pm
Sep.  6 Bracken Christian     @   Sugar Land Logos    7:30pm
Sep. 13 Bracken Christian     @   Prairie Lea         7:30pm
Sep. 20 Bracken Christian     @   Brenham Christian   7:00pm
Sep. 27 Open
Oct.  4 Giddings State School @   Bracken Christian   7:30pm
Oct. 11 Boerne Geneva         @   Bracken Christian   7:30pm
Oct. 18 CASA                  @   Bracken Christian   7:30pm
Oct. 25 Bracken Christian     @   Kerrville OLH       7:30pm
Nov.  2 Houston Emery-Weiner  @   Bracken Christian   2:00pm
Nov.  8 SA Winston            @   Bracken Christian   7:30pm

Now The ReSporter talking points with Coach Fields. Head Coach Lloyd Fields

The ReSporter: Coach Fields, how did you feel your Spring workout, workedout?

Coach Fields: “I was pleased and did not realize how fast we were.”

The ReSporter: What do you mean, did they get faster since last season?

Coach Fields: “That is correct, last year we had just one player break the 5 second 40. This year we had four players break that 5 second barrier.”

The ReSporter: Well, are you going to share that information with us?

Coach Fields: “Davis Scott had a 4.73, Mason Anthony 4.88, Sam Hilgendorf 4.91, and Coy Zunker finished with a 4.95.”

The ReSporter: What does that mean for how you will play your defense and offense based on those numbers?

Coach Fields: “It isn’t how fast, it is more on how much quicker we will be. It will help us when we play those faster teams on our schedule, especially on defense. We totally junked our spread offense and we will start from scratch when we come back in August. We need to find those three players in the backfield that can hopefully run that part of our offense.”

The ReSporter: Give us an idea of a couple of players that surprised you last week.

Coach Fields: “John Colby by far had the best week of practice. He will help us on defense at the linebacker position. Gunnar (Stolhandske) has improved and played a solid center position for us. Gunnar also continued to show us a great defensive side also and he really stepped it up.”

“Sam Hilgendorf had a good spring practice at quarterback. He has gotten stronger and he showed a lot of confidence in himself.”

“Little (Coy) Zunker always surprises me and he also had a good week of practice.”

The ReSporter: You said that you junked your spread offense, what does that mean when you reconvene next August?

Coach Fields: “We will try to find someone when we start practice up, but that also means we might not be running that part of our offense until we get into our second or third game of the year.”

The ReSporter: You stated last week about how your tight offense will do what it was designed to do this season…

Coach Fields: “Yes, when I brought that offense from my previous schools it was designed to plug along, but we had players that could make a drive in one and two plays. This year we will do what this offense was designed to do and we will have some longer drives as a result.”

The ReSporter: That will probably mean that this year’s team will not score as many points as teams in the past….that will also put more pressure on the defense as a result.

Coach Fields: “Yes, and this football team is learning and we will see about increasing our football I. Q.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach for your time, we will reconvene sometime as the month of July is coming to a close and wait for a new chapter this coming Fall with this BCS team.