Football | May 14, 2013

Bracken Football: Spring Practice Report

Bracken started their Spring Practice this past Monday when 14 players showed up to impress

Bracken Christian Warriors in first practice.

Bracken Christian Warriors in first practice.

Coach Lloyd Fields (55-8) as next year’s edition readies for another chance to reach the post season.

Reaching the playoffs has been a staple each season, but that first year had a 1-9 slate during that inaugural 2006 campaign.

Bracken has won at least 9 games since that first year and are presently on a four year 10 or more win season streak.

Will that streak continue? That is what the Coaches will be discerning as this week’s Spring practice heats up.

Head Coach Fields commented after leaving the field after practice, “I thought it (practice) was pretty good. Our defense was good and our tight offense was good.”

“Our spread offense is a work in progress,” Coach Fields continued. “That offense will be a trial and error thing, but I’m happy with the defense.”

This season will be a different type of team as the Warriors will be more of up the middle and bowl them over type of club.

Take Running Back Preston Koch as a prime example of a player that takes joy in running over an opponent and that will work best when Koch is going north and south instead of playing like a speed player trying tot make the corner to outrun the enemy.

“We were a lot better than I thought we would be and we had a lot of people show up,” Koch cooked up.

When asked what his goals for this year would be, Koch said, “Make the playoffs, we may not be like the teams of the past without (Eli) Achilles, but we have a core of guys that will be looking to put those extra pieces together.”

Koch had 101 carries last season for 815 yards and this senior back also produced the most receptions with 23 last season. Showing off those good hands will also come in ‘handy’ (pardon the pun) for this year’s offense.

Warriors taking a water break at Spring Football practice

Warriors taking a water break at Spring Football practice

Returning player Davis Scott who played several positions last year, can display several skill sets for BCS to employ if needed based on game situations.

Scott had the most receiving yards with 381 and carried the ball 28 times in amassing 250 yards for Bracken.

Scott will also be helping from the defensive side of that line with his All-State pedigree.

Another player that you will want to keep an eye on will be Mason Anthony, as he will have a chance to show off his quickness in the backfield. Anthony was a late entry on last year’s squad as Bracken was dealing with some injuries and needed some bodies for reinforcements.

You can call Anthony a diamond in the rough as he showed a ton of potential as he became more acclimated into the offense.

Coy Zunker had a good year on defense as his size did not deter this player in getting into the thick of the game. Some key interceptions last season and getting a repeat will also be a help as Bracken prepares for the upcoming season.

Quarterback Sam Hilgendorf might be the most important player for BCS as he will not only be called on for managing the game but this season will be called upon for passing the rock.

“I just want to be an all round quarterback,” Hilgendorf handed off flawlessly. “I definitely need some work (on passing), but I will be ready by fall.”

How that part of this year’s offense takes flight can easily give you an idea how the Warriors will be capable of reaching their goals of making those playoffs and reaching that 10 or more wins bar.

Two more players that will be key to this year’s Bracken team will be John Colby who will be in his second year of 6-Man football and so that newness will not be an issue as Colby brings a lot of braun and a don’t quit attitude for this defense.

How Colby can step up his game will certainly help with having a team that can be more rounded on both sides of the ball.

Sophomore Gunnar Stolhanske will play center and he also proved he could catch the ball last year which is so important when you have a quarterback that will need help from as many receivers as possible.

Confidence will be that intangible needed as this team starts to weave their armor so this Warrior team will be well equipped for a season that will hopefully surprise many opponents.