Doug Hubnik is Honored with All-Round Athlete for 2012-13

All Around Boy’s Athlete was announced at the Spring Sports Banquet last Wednesday

Senior Football/Basketball/Track Doug Hubnik

Senior Football/Basketball/Track Doug Hubnik

night and The ReSporter did not find it as a shock when that student was announced.

First off, an award with a name that says All-Round would tell you that the person probably plays more than one sport.

The next thing to take in from that criteria would be, does he have to be the best in each of those fields.

The ReSporter is guessing the answer to that question is no, but you would think that they would be near the top with each game they were playing.

Other items that would go with an award like this goes with things that are not seen by an average fan.

Never late for practice and how they handle themselves around the team and coaches when Mr. or Mrs. Public is not watching.

Senior Doug Hubnik nabbed this accolade as he graciously sauntered down from the stands. But sauntering down is certainly not how he played.

Football—Basketball—Track and Field was those three arenas that Hubnik made his second home these past four years and since The ReSporter likes to expound stats for sports, then get ready to digest some tasty numbers.

Hubnik played defensive back for CL Varsity for three years and had an interception for a touchdown two years ago.

On special teams he had the first touchdown by running back a kick-off in that same game with Luling that his interception return was performed.

Offenively, Hubnik was a go to guy for QB Branson Belcher and finished his career as one of the Hawks all time best.

           rec     yards   ave per catch    longest catch     td's
 2011       6      149        24.9               43           1
 2012      20      505        25.3               65           7
 totals    26      654        25.2               65           8

Touchdown Kickoff
Touchdown Int. return
Touchdown receiving

 Receiving longest touchdowns:
 40 yards    vs. Bandera         '11
 40 yards    vs. Burnet          '12
 53 yards    vs. Boerne          '12
 54 yards    vs. Bandera         '12
 56 yards    vs. Fredericksburg  '12
 65 yards    vs. Navarro         '12

Hubnik’s name is mentioned six times for CL’s top 25 longest receiving and running TD’s.
Other Former Players and number of times they have made this list:

 name                 # of plays       Total Yards
 Doug Hubnik            6              308
 Matt Magness           5              353
 Daniel Camarillo       4              257
 Zach Henshaw           3              163
 Eduardo Covarrubias    2              133
 Richard Howell         2              119

Hubnik also has the best average per catch for a season passing Zach Henshaw for first

Doug Hubnik scores first Defensive Touchdown in CL History

Doug Hubnik scores first Defensive Touchdown in CL History

with his 25.3 average during the 2012 season.

Also add his 7 touchdowns last year tying him for 3rd place for TD catches in a season.

Hubnik also finished the game with La Grange by calling the signals as quarterback. The man could literally do it all.

 Defense        tackles   int   cf    rf    pbu
 Doug Hubnik      113      4    3     1     6

cf: caused fumbles; rf: recovered fumbles; pub: pass break ups
Baskeball Numbers.

Hubnik will go down as the best point guard in distributing the ball for assists. When you put this stat together you have to realize that as a team, Canyon Lake was not that ‘dead’ eye from the floor last two seasons.

Shooting a lethargic 36 percent from the field last season you can only imagine how many assists would of been added to his record 151 for last season if a few more layups would of fallen.

Hubnik passed Matt Magness (136) last season ending with 187 total assists. Magness got his total playing three solid years and a smidgen for his freshman year.

Hubnik finished fourth in steals with 62, fourth in free throws made with 83, and a respectable 67 % from that charity stripe.

Two year total stats for Hubnik
              3pt               pt      rebounds
fga-fgm    fga-fgm   fta-ftm   total   or-dr  total   a  s  b  to
 64-232     10-59     83-124   221     34-125 159   187 64  9 154

Hubnik finished with the best free throw percentage this year while also having that incredible number of assists. Any time you have more assists than turnovers then that standard is what coaches are always looking for when chiseling out a point guard for their team.

Decent set of numbers but The ReSporter is only 2/3 through what still has a great career on track.

Hubnik was a Relay athlete when he got to Varsity competition but here are some of his times when he was a Freshman at the district track meet.

 100 Meter Dash     11.57       placed 2nd
 200 Meter Dash     24.63       placed 6th

With Hubnik, Daniel Camarillo, and Eduardo Covarrubias teaming up for all the Varsity Relays this team soon would rise to the top.

Below you see how each year was building as each of those years these Relay Teams would find themselves in the Region Meet.

                                 Doug Hubnik Years Boys Varsity
             2009        2010       2011      2012       2013 
100 Meter    45.95       44.64     43.98     43.73         DQ 
200 Meter    1:38.37   1:32.71   1:32.50   1:31.23    1:32.28 DQ 
400 Meter    3:41.09   3:36.08   3:30.81   3:26.55    3:33.03

In fact during that 2011 season all three Relay Teams were also district champions. No

Daniel Camarillo handing off to Doug Hubnik

Daniel Camarillo handing off to Doug Hubnik

wonder why Fredericksburg wanted to throw a flag on this years’ Relay teams. They were tired of getting beat by this upstart school in Canyon Lake.

All-Round Athlete does not fit this Student. He has been around so many times you would be dizzy just keeping up with his sports quest.

The ReSporter had some time with Doug after the banquet.

The ReSporter: Which sport do you like the best?

Doug Hubnik: “I like them all, but I guess it just depends….but I just like them all.”

The ReSporter: How did you prepare as you went from one sport to another?

Doug Hubnik: “Football was easy since I had all Summer to prepare for that, but I started playing basketball during the weekends before the end of the season to get ready for that. Track was the hardest since there was no time between them.”

The ReSporter: Talk about how you got into track with that being a sport more on just a few people, while you are part of a team with the other two.

Doug Hubnik: “When you run on relays you form a special bond with those guys and you rely on each other….that allows that team atmosphere to form. But it was a special bond.”

The ReSporter: Baskeball this year was a joy to watch as you dished out so many assists which is usually just half the battle, you still need the other player to make the shot…

Doug Hubnik: “I had confidence in all my teammates when I would find them on the court. I would just find the open guy and they did the rest.”

The ReSporter: You make it sound so easy….What are your plans as you prepare to walk across the stage?

Doug Hubnik: “I want to be a Mechanical Engineer and I will be going to Corpus Christi A&M.”

The ReSporter: Do you plan to walk on and play sports?

Doug Hubnik: “I don’t know…I might see what happens to their track team and see if I can walk on there. But, if I can compete and really do well then I might….there is really no way of knowing right now it just all depends.

The ReSporter: It has certainly been a pleasure getting to know you these past few years and you have done a wonderful job of representing this community. Thanks and good luck.