Player Profile, Sport News | May 18, 2013

Freshman Girls will be the Future for Canyon Lake

The Hawks Freshman Girls had a good year and that is an understatement.

Sydney Reibschlager waiting to become a Sophomore

Sydney Reibschlager waiting to become a Sophomore

It has been mentioned before, but as you look at these young ladies and their accomplishments across the board you will see some excellent athletes that will also be interesting to see them continue to improve.

Examples: Abbey Andress in Tennis lost in the District Meet to a Senior and almost pulled out her game in the match. That player that beat Andress continued in the tournament and that draw of playing the champion early did not do Andress any justice.

Next year will get a resolve from Andress as you can see the passion for tennis in her face and mannerisms.

Prediction: A Freshman Lady that will be the first to win a Tennis District Title before she graduates.

Softball: Alexis Robinson was in the circle and you already know what happens with another year of experience. The Hawks started with another freshman pitcher four years ago and that turned out pretty good for Canyon Lake.

The Lady Hawks also had their first JV Softball team and that will help as girls get more playing time to hone their skills.

Prediction: With a hopefully improving Robinson, then next year’s team will be knocking on that playoff door, especially as you add several key players that have more years ahead of them.

Basketball: Wow….did they lose? This team was a dominant force all season long and this was a group of freshman that were not fragmented with other freshman girls being moved up for a JV or Varsity team.

Prediction: You will see some freshman girls make a jump to Varsity this coming year and hopefully help in realizing a chance for more games via a playoff. This team might still be a year away, but with each passing year this will be a fun team to watch.

Speaking of being on every team, the Volleyball team had one freshman on the Varsity and three on the Junior Varsity and then they still fielded a decent freshman team with four would be starters on older teams.

Prediction: This group of freshman will be very instrumental and can also have several players that have a chance of playing for the Varsity.

Track and Field: Triple Jump sweep and everything else in between….this Freshman group of girls scored 138 points in District 27-3A play and finished with their highest finish ever with that 2nd Place finish on the podium.

The JV Track Relay team will many times have other classifications competing but of that 138 points the majority was scored by the Freshman.

Just take the Relays and how much those times improved over previous years:

Girls JV Relays   2009     2010      2011      2012      2013
100 Meter         61.27    56.99     55.44     54.16     53.71
200 Meter         2:13.95  2:01.96   2:00.01   1:57.00   1:55.14
400 Meter         DNP      4:50.20   4:31.42   4:26.42   4:24.83

The 4×100 M Relay would of beat CL’s ’09, ’10 and ’11Varsity district teams.
The 4×200 M Relay would of beat CL’s 2009 Varsity district team.
The 4×400 M Relay would of beat CL’s 2009 Varsity district team. Their time would of beaten Wimberley’s Varsity.

Prediction: Track and Field has had two years of good young classes, but this past year’s group of girls had Head Girls Track Coach Lacey Lambert smiling from ear to ear.

Bailey Drum will be ready with her Freshman Teammates to take CL by storm.

Bailey Drum will be ready with her Freshman Teammates to take CL by storm.

Several of this year’s girls could of scored points for the Varsity so how can you think that would not be an even better chance of a bus load of freshman girls adding a lot of points for the Varsity next season.

Also, with Track season being the last major sport of the Spring, the freshman girls could very easily be classified as Juniors by the time the 2013-14 sporting season comes to a close.

The ReSporter had a chance to catch up with a couple of the Freshman Girls after the Spring Sports Banquet and would like to introduce you to these young ladies.

Bailey Drum and Sydney Reibschlager are two athletes (as well as the other Freshman) that have a chance to wreck havoc on opposing teams for the next three years.

The ReSporter: Tell me how competitive you girls are when working out? It seems that you would have a lot of times when you are in some heated battles in practice.

Sydney Reibschlager: “We are all close friends, but Bailey and I do have some competitions.”

Bailey Drum: “Yes, we have some friendly competition.”

The ReSporter: Bailey, what is your favorite sport?

Bailey Drum: “I like Volleyball…I grew up watching my sister play and that is why I like to play Volleyball.”

The ReSporter: Sydney, when you have so many other teammates that are good, how does that affect on how well you do in games or track events?

Sydney Reibschlager: “It helps a lot…we (freshman) want to be the best and so practicing against each other helps make us better.”

The ReSporter: Bailey, you have had a good all-around year. How do you prepare from one sport to the other as the year goes through its seasons?

Bailey Drum: “I try to do my best in everything I do…so it is a mental thing and I just try to give it my best.”

The ReSporter: Sydney, you just finished a good track season, what are your goals in that sport?

Sydney Reibschlager: “I would like to get to the Varsity Track Team and then I want to go to Region Track Meet together with the others (freshman).”

The ReSporter: Bailey, what can you take from seeing someone like Marisa (Ellis) after being crowned a State Champion in the High Jump?

Bailey Drum: “I have the same wants and it inspires me to also wanting to become a State Champion, just like Marisa did.”

The ReSporter: These two girls as well as many in this freshman class will be a fun group of athletes to watch as each year matures.
The drought of District Championships not being realized, might be thwarted by these young ladies as they continue to improve on their skills.
Look forward to covering you next year…good luck.