Marisa Ellis is working on her Finals this week before Graduation

Senior High Jumper Maris Ellis

The ReSporter had an opportunity to talk with Senior Marisa Ellis as she was preparing for the State Track Meet in Austin this week-end.

Ellis has been competing for Canyon Lake for two years and will certainly go down as one of the Hawks best as she enters into her last time to compete as a high school student, representing the Hawks.

Volleyball was a sport that Ellis was active in for a whole rotation and anchored the team no matter where she would be on the court.

Her junior year she also helped the Hawks out on the basketball court, but Ellis would be the first to let you know that was not one of her best sports.

Last year for her first year at Canyon Lake she took her Triple Jump to the State Meet and continued a streak of three years now where CL Girls Track Team has had an athlete compete at the pinnacle of track events for high school students.

Jessica Cunningham competed in the Pole Vault during her Senior year in 2011.

Now Ellis has upped the ante and will not only be competing in Austin again this year, but will be competing in the High Jump.

The ReSporter had a chance to catch up with Ellis to find out how this week will shape up.

The ReSporter: In the Region Meet you had to participate in two events at the same time…how did that effect your performance?

Marisa Ellis: “Doing two events made me really tired, because I had to go back and forth, since both events were going on at the same time. I had my best Triple Jump on my first try and could never get a better jump.”

The ReSporter: That does not seem fair that a meet at this level would not allow more time in-between your jumps.

Marisa Ellis: “Yeah, when we were checking in, I told them that I had two events at the same time, but it didn’t matter. I was the only one doing that.”

The ReSporter: How did that work on how you prepared for both jumps?

Marisa Ellis: “The lady who was running the Triple Jump would roll her eyes every time I would come over from the High Jump and made me feel like I had to apologize.”

The ReSporter: Your kidding….how did the other girls react to your plight?

Marisa Ellis: “I really did not spend a lot of time at the Triple Jump area, because when I would get there, they would be waiting for me to show up and then after my jump, I would get back over to the High Jump area.’

“The girls at the High Jump area could not believe I had to do that and they showed more empathy and concern for me.”

The ReSporter: How far apart were the two events?

Marisa Ellis: “The High Jump was set up in the end zone and then I had to go outside the gate to get to the area where the Triple Jump was being held….I was not real far, but I could not go straight to each one and had to go around other areas to get to that gate that would take me to the Triple Jump area.”

The ReSporter: That had to hurt your mental preparation for both jumps…

Marisa Ellis: “Yeah, I was already in a negative mood when I would show up at the Triple Jump and I could not hear what the other girls had done on their jumps and so I would lose my focus. Plus, it just made me tired having to go back and forth to compete in both events at the same time.”

The ReSporter: What are the differences in both of these events as you were trying to do your best to go on to State?

Marisa Ellis: “Well, in the Triple Jump you get three jumps no matter what to try to advance to the final round, where in the High Jump, when I would arrive back there, some of the girls would already be out of competition since they did not clear their previous height.”

“I just wish I would of had more time before each jump and also had time….to listen to the other girls as their jumps were happening and that just wasn’t possible.”

The ReSporter: How has your practices been going the past couple of weeks?

Marisa Ellis: “I usually go and triple jump and then high jump, but now I have been spending more time and trying to focus more as I practice.”

The ReSporter: You are in the same boat as Jordan Anderson where you competed last season in another venue and now you both are competing in an event that is not your favorite. Have you done anything different as you prepare this week?

Marisa Ellis: “I had one off day when they changed the marks after district and I was just out there guessing.”

“I had a good day today as we do our jumps one after another where we change the height as I clear the bar…then if I miss we go back down and I work my way back up. I finished at 5’3 today.”

The ReSporter: How are you feeling and do you know where they will be starting with the bar at State?

Marisa Ellis: “I have been feeling good and I have been jumping better than I usually do…they will be starting the High Jump at 5’0, so that will be where I will start also.’

The ReSporter: The weather looks like it might be raining this week-end. Will that effect you?

Marisa Ellis: “No, the past two times I have been jumping it has been raining.”

The ReSporter: Jordan Anderson was talking about how he was slipping when he jumped at Region Meet, does that also concern you?

Marisa Ellis: “You can’t warm up in tennis shoes, so I put on my spikes when it gets wet. I also have problems with my ankle and so the spikes also help me with my stability when I’m warming up in that type of weather.”

The ReSporter: Marisa, you have had a great career during your time at Canyon Lake and now you enter into your final competition as a high school student. What do you hope to accomplish at State this week?

Marisa Ellis: “I just want to do my best and leave on trying to get my PR (personal record). I had a meet earlier this year that was not official and I had my best jump and I will say the State meet was a success if I can compete and do my best.”

The ReSporter: We wish you the best this week in Austin, Marisa. You have been a joy and The ReSporter is surprised we got you to talk as much as you have for this interview.

You have made the Triple Jump a staple for Canyon Lake as you can see with all the young ladies who are in that arena now.

With a 1-2-3 finish for the Junior Varsity at the District 27-3A meet you can see that the Hawks have a bright future.

Now make your mark in the High Jump and lets see if you can also inspire other girls to enter into that event with the same gusto the Triple Jump now enjoys.

Have a great time in College and we know you will be successful.