The ReSporter Needs its Ads to Keep ADding Up!!

The ReSporter is now in its fourth year of covering Canyon Lake and Bracken Christian schools. The ReSporter has just finished it’s 1,043rd article and has also had 62,039 visits and 162,238 pages read as of February 5, 2014 stats.

As you know, this site is free for those who would like to frequent these pages after a sporting event. The ReSporter would like to introduce you to a new ‘Ad’ that was added about 10 days ago.

First off, do know that many of the advertisers on this site services The ReSporter’s household and there is a great deal of comfort in knowing that these Companies and people would treat you as well as I am treated by their services.

The ReSporter needs the audience that relies on this coverage to help out by telling these companies/people that you saw their ‘Ad’ on this site.

That way The ReSporter can keep up this coverage as the fall season looms right around the corner.

The money that is raised through our Advertisers goes to gas money, cost for maintenance for this site, and hopefully enough to put away for just cost of living increases.

If this is not realized, then there is a chance that The ReSporter might close shop before the start of next school year.

Just making it known that letting the Advertisers know that they are seen on this site will certainly help with getting, by word of mouth, other companies to also think about advertising with The ReSporter.

This new company that has started Advertising is Digital Home-Audio-Video and has done awesome work at The ReSporter’s house recently.

Kevin Briers is well versed in this craft and has spent many years working on the road for performing bands that tour the country.

In other words, he knows what he is doing and The ReSporter knows this first hand.

Give Kevin a try if you are looking for this type of work for your home or business.

The Hitman Pest Control was one of The Hilltop Reporter first advertisers and you could not find a nicer person to help get those pesky ants to scorpions.

How do we know, he has done impeccable work for The ReSporter.

Give him a try and let them know you saw his Ad on The ReSporter’s Web Site.

The ReSporter, kids you not, when you are thinking of having the Best Pizza in the Canyon Lake area.

Parziale’s Pizzeria has the best sausage pizza ever…..once The ReSporter tasted the sausage, then there was no need to order any of the other toppings.

But The ReSporter’s wife does try many of their other specialties and I will tell you she is never disappointed.

Give Peter a call and let them know you saw their Ad on this Web Site.

Lakeview Cafe has the best breakfast hot cakes, great hamburger’s, chicken fried steak, or whatever their special of the day might be.

The Lakeview Cafe on many a day has had The ReSporter eat there and afterwards going home to take an extra dose of insulin, since The ReSporter tends to eat more than needed. (it’s ok, The ReSporter is a diabetic)

If you haven’t been there then give Lakeview Cafe a try, you won’t be disappointed.

North Shore UMC helps out during the football season in having a Friday morning football breakfast and many times you will see several of their Staff helping out at many sporting events.

The ReSporter was a Youth Minister in the Methodist Church back in the day and knows when a Church might have ‘it’.

Looking for a Church? Then give them a try…you will Be Blessed.

Kathleen Banse State Farm Insurance was the first Advertiser for The Hilltop Reporter Newspaper when it was started six years ago.

Her Company helped with the Newspapers insurance needs throughout and was nothing but a Class Act in her help of meeting the needs for the Newspaper.

Her guessing on the Football Challenge this past fall season, was a fun way of seeing how her picks were decided upon.

Well, think about it, you don’t want to make anyone mad at what you pick, so the team that Kathleen felt had the most fans in her area usually got her football pick for that week.

Classic idea of not rocking the boat, which is always a good idea when you are near a Canyon Lake. (if you know what we mean)

Bradford Door Works has not been a company The ReSporter has needed yet, but you know there is a love for Canyon Lake area fans since his space is all about supporting the schools.

Having a son that was on the Cross Country, Basketball, and Track Team didn’t hurt on how much he would like to support the area schools.

Gordon The Plumber has been a frequent visitor to The ReSporter’s house….much more than The ReSporter would like.

But, his promptness and great detail work has made The ReSporter a staunch supporter for his services when needed.

This is another patron with a son on several teams, but Gordon was also on board with The ReSporter before his son was at Canyon Lake.

Call him with your next plumbing need and let them know that you got the idea from reading this Web Site.

Granny D’s speaks for itself. Your greatest need when eating here would be the need to have a way to put another hole in your belt loop so you can enlarge that part of your body that expands after a great meal.

This Restaurant offers great meal deals during game day of Hawk games and you can’t go wrong in having a great meal before watching the game of your choice.

Yes, we have a few more, but The ReSporter thinks by now you have the idea.

We need you to help let our Advertisers know that they are a great addition to the community in how they support the area teams and by doing that simple task might make it easier for The ReSporter to continue doing something that is a Passion.

The ReSporter Needs our Ads to keep ADding up and giving a shout to these and other companies on this site will certainly help.