Baseball, Player Profile | May 24, 2013

Travis Walker and Michael Brady Have Their Signing Day

Michael Brady signs with Angelina Junior College

Michael Brady signs with Angelina Junior College


Travis Walker signs with Crown College

Travis Walker signs with Crown College









Two more Canyon Lake athletes have taken pen in hand and signed on for  higher education and a chance to continue their dream of playing baseball.

Travis Walker and Michael Brady sat at the table with their parents looking on in a cold Hawk Gym last Thursday morning.

It was said the gym was cold to get Walker acclimated to where he will be playing next year.

Crown College will be his new home and that College is in St. Bonifacius, Minnesota.

Located about 45 minutes west of Minneapolis-St. Paul area.

How about going east to San Marcos, get on I-35 and head north for about 1,045 miles. A long way from home to play for Crown College Storm baseball team.

Brady will be going the Junior College road for about 265 miles to Angelina Junior College in Lufkin, Texas.

Both players have had very successful careers for the Hawks as has been chronicled on this site these past few months and years.

Coach Trent Dunavant commented before the signing on both players.

“I have had the honor to coach Travis for four years,” Coach Dunavant started.

Walker was a freshman during the Hawks last playoff run and played third base and had a home run and several hits in that three game affair.

Travis Walker in the Batters Box

Travis Walker in the Batters Box

Looking at all those stat lines will have Walker near the top except maybe a little lower in that stolen base category.

“(Michael) Brady did not start out playing for the varsity,” Coach Dunavant continued. “But he got there pretty quick.”

“Brady was one of those guys that would always help out after we were done with clean up. In fact, I did not have to do much when they (Brady and Walker) were out on the field with the rest of the players,” Dunavant said.

“They were phenomenal and turned out to be real good players….you don’t get guys like this all the time,” Dunavant closed. “It is good to see that their goals were attained by putting in the effort to get it done…Congrats to them and their parents.”


“I’m very proud and have been coaching him and his brother since T-Ball,” Ed Walker (Dad) said proudly. “I would not trade this experience.”

On how many games they will plan to go see? “They (Crown College) have a major tournament in Arizona next year, so I’m thinking we might be taking a vacation,” Ed Walker said.

“I am mostly proud of his character and work ethic,” Carol Walker (Mom) chimed in. “I love him.”

“They saw a highlight video of me,” Travis Walker said in commenting how a school so far away knew of his whereabouts. “I plan to play third base and some relief pitching…they (Crown College) also said I might get some catching in after next season since they have a senior catcher playing.”

On how Walker will get used to a colder season? “Crown College plays their home games in the

First Baseman Travis Walker

First Baseman Travis Walker

Metrodome,” Walker said calmly.

“I just want to be a better player and get my education,” Walker commented on what his goals will be when he arrives in his new home.”

Travis Walker was always team first and that was born out when asked a few weeks ago on why he had not had his signing when Jordan Anderson and Katie Williams had their celebration of signing a few weeks back, “I am going to wait for Michael (Brady) to find his place and I will do it then.”

“This was an awesome experience,” Walker said while answering a question on what his Canyon Lake experience was like. “It was much like a family and the coaches and players were always there when you needed them.”

Great player and great person….enjoy the ride because after 500 miles you will be halfway there and your T-shirt will switch to a sweater and coat by the time you reach Minnesota.


As you walk up to Barbara and Mike Brady you just have to ask, where did Michael’s height come from? “That came from my side of the family,” Barbara Brady said succinctly. “He has been playing since T-Ball and this has always been the main sport for him to get involved.”

Michael Brady with his awards from Sports Banquet

Michael Brady with his awards from Sports Banquet

“I have enjoyed watching him grow and get better with his abilities and I’m looking forward for next year,” Barbara finished.

On what his thoughts for his son were at this moment, “Hard work pays off,” Mike Brady (Dad) said. “He has never been the best or The Guy on the team, but you keep doing your hard work and that will get you to where you want to be at….you can keep trying and make a contribution.”

Strong words from this proud Dad.

Tell us what playing on a Junior College might develop for Michael, “JC teams play a lot of games and they don’t have as many rules as four year colleges will have. Many JC players are wanting to get to that next level so the competition might be much harder at this level than other four year schools that he had a chance to sign with,” Dad Brady finished.

As The ReSporter turned around to talk to Mike and Barbara’s son, The ReSporter eyes had to go up several inches to have eye contact.

“It was a good time and it was fun to be here,” Michael Brady said while commenting on his Canyon Lake experience.

Michael Brady also played football as Travis Walker did, but Michael bowed out for his Senior year to

Michael Brady behind the Plate

Michael Brady behind the Plate

concentrate on baseball.

When did you make that decision to commit to baseball? “After my Junior year I knew that this (baseball) was what I wanted to do and I figured that this was what I would have to get worked out.”

“I went to Angelina during the Christmas Break and I saw their work out then,” Michael said. “They (Angelina) have a fall and spring season or 80 games, so I will be able to get a lot of games in playing there.”

“I will get a chance to play catcher and first base,” Michael said when commenting on what position he might be playing for the Roadrunners.

What would you say to the other players on what to work on? “Go and leave it on the field and keep working hard and don’t stop and don’t give up.”

Another testament to what it takes to succeed in life. These two young man have the tools to have  successful baseball careers and if they use those same tools in how they play their game of life, then The ReSporter can foresee a dog pile on the pitcher’s mound for all of their accomplishments.

Good Luck and Congratulations.