Volleyball: Looking at Next Year

The ReSporter will be running several articles through the month of May on

Amber Ramsey during her Sophomore campaign

athletes from each sport from two perspectives.

1. The all-time student athlete in that sport from a performance stand point. Do note that this would be just an opinion from the ReSporter Staff.

2. A spotlight player that The ReSporter thinks will be the athlete to watch as this next year will unfold.

This series will start with Fall Sports.

Please also note that The ReSporter does not have an opportunity to see every sport and will not have an article if that is the case.

Certainly comment on the articles and give us your opinion on other students or the ones talked about in each segment.

The ReSporter will only allow positive inputs as this will be the only type of conversation needed.

Volleyball will be The ReSporter’s first go of previewing next year’s teams.

The Hawk Volleyball team has had two years of playoffs and this is also where The ReSporter thinks you could pick that special all-time player.

Michelle Roberts, Ashley Biering, Alyssa Drum, and Jessica Watson were all part of those first team rosters and all could very well be that one person that had the most influence for Canyon Lake’s teams.

Recently, you have also had Senior Marisa Ellis that was all over the court in her last two seasons for the Hawks.

However, The ReSporter would like to nominate Tira Chalk as the most valuable volleyball player.

This will be like many of CL’s other sports where this class is very close on abilities but Chalk was an imposing 6’0 player that led the Hawks in kills her Junior year with 172 kills and was instrumental as the Canyon Lake was making those elusive playoffs in Chalk’s junior and senior season.

Yes, this was a hard sport to come up with that one player since those two years of playoffs had a good chemistry of players and that, will many times, hide that one player that might have held that glue for the accomplishments made by that team.

However, when looking at Tira Chalk, you give her the nod simply since she had a chance to make it to the post season twice.

Chalk could dominate the net and that was instrumental, offensively and defensively for the Hawks.

Now, which player will have the spotlight shinning on them this season?

Amber Ramsey has to be that player that will be the focus in helping Canyon Lake get back to the postseason.

Ramsey plays much like Chalk by using her height at the net which will help give this player a chance to shine.

Senior leadership will be another ingredient added by Ramsey as this will be in her fourth year and her teammates will be needing a dominant player to look up to for guidance this season.

Last year’s Freshman class will have another year of confidence and maturity and will certainly help in giving the Hawks some depth.

The Freshman girls had a player on Varsity and three playing Junior Varsity last year.

With four freshman playing on those two teams, the Freshman Volleyball team had lost four cornerstones from previous years and did not set the world on fire with a lot of wins.

However, if you would of had those four players on the freshman squad, then this freshman group of volleyball players would of been formidable.

Good news for this group of freshman ladies was the amount of time several players had a chance to play a good portion of matches.

That playing time would of been minimized if those four girls that were moved up would of stayed with their classmates.

Tira Chalk could be counted on for leadership and performance while on the courts for CL….now the Hawks will wait to see what might be in store with a lot of young players with a chance to make their mark.

Amber Ramsey, has a chance to be that glue that can put that good year together for someone to order T-Shirts.