Boy’s Track and Field Spotlight and Best

The ReSporter will have just two more articles on our series on All-Time and Spotlight players for

Christian Dittman will be in the Spotlight

Christian Dittman will be in the Spotlight

Canyon Lake sports.

Track and Field: We will start off with the Boys for this sport.

The All-Time Athlete will be Jordan Anderson. The ReSporter needed to come out with that honor fast since Anderson was very fast.

Anderson during his Junior year had some meets where he was worth 50 points when he got off the bus.

During his Junior year he scored 48 points during the District 27-3A Track Meet and missed placing first in the Long Jump by the width of his index finger which is what he could of used to signify that he was #1.

Look at these Records Anderson has with Canyon Lake’s runner-up in that event.

 Jordan Anderson                      Next in Line
 100 Meter Dash     10.81         Austin Christman       11.19
 200 Meter Dash     22.47         Conor Ricker           23.60
 400 Meter Dash     48.92         Mikk Griffin           52.49
 Long Jump          21'4          Eric Nelson            20'7
 High Jump          6'6           Chase Eddington        6'6

Those are a lot of events that might be in place a few years.

Canyon Lake’s Track program has arguably been the best of all the sports. The Hawks have won several Meets and has placed second a couple of years in district with only a Fredericksburg’s hurdle keeping CL from first place.

With that as a back drop, The ReSporter would like to give a brief rundown of other Tracksters that have certainly been in the mix for some kudos.

Doug Hubnik would be next in line with a superb career on the cinders as he was a mainstay for all of the Relay events for three years.

During Hubnik’s Sophomore and Junior years, his quartet of runners made it to Regions and had times that were right in the hunt with schools from all over Region IV.

A major reason for mentioning Hubnik first on this list is simply based on his willingness to run relays no matter the team to help in making CL a team other schools could judge their times with.

Conor Ricker in those Dash Events.

Conor Ricker in those Dash Events.

In saying that, Daniel Camarillo would also rank right there with Hubnik.

Camarillo juggled baseball and track these last two years which certainly can hinder one’s performance based on how and where you might be competing.

Eduardo Covarrubias was not available this year for the relays as he still was suffering from football or other issues with his running.

That should not take away from how this young man competed during those highlight years as he teamed up with Hubnik and Camarillo.

Covarrubias also performed on the Varsity Relay team as a Freshman which gives you an idea of how valuable he was for Coach Montgomery.

Canyon Lake did not have all their stars line up correctly this year, but that still did not stop several athletes to perform at a high level.

Branson Belcher would be one of those students that came on strong as this season concluded in the Triple Jump and just missed a chance for Regions this year.

Zach Henshaw also helped in those Relay teams as he completed the foursome for those two years

Zach Henshaw first Leg of 4x100 Relay

Zach Henshaw first Leg of 4×100 Relay

where Canyon Lake was winning several relay events.

Bobby Flint was an integral hurdle runner which has not been a strong Hawk event since his graduation.

Austin Christman also was helping in those Dash events and before the advent of Anderson had the best 100 Meter Dash at 11.19.

Christman also helped during his Freshman year in the 4×100 relay.

Two yeas ago, the Hawks had Jaaz McNair throw 45’9 shot put in the Region Meet for a record that might be there for a while.

The next closest Hawk is Trey Saenz with a heave of 40’11.5 and Wes Dicks 40’9 this past season.

During that same year Tony Hocutt also had a Hawk best in the Discus when he threw the saucer 141’7 in that same Region Meet.

Another reference would be Thomas Gregory with a 132’9 throw this season.

Depth is usually the culprit for how the Hawks will do as they certainly have enough athletes to get one in a event performing at a high rate, it is not having enough athletes to pick up points in the 2nd through 6th spot.

Who is that Spotlight track athlete for this coming year?

There are some good possibilities with Mike Russell showing Canyon Lake that they can also have a decent long distance team.

Russell came on strong last year when he broke the 5 minute barrier in the Mile Run and now might be a Hawk to qualify for Region in an event that has looked like water in a desert through Canyon Lake’s first few years in competition.

Senior Chris Neiland

Senior Chris Neiland

Conor Ricker did have a some meets where he was humming right along, but seemed to run out of gas (pardon the pun) as this season continued.

If Ricker can keep his stamina, then he could also be one of the replacements for one of those Anderson holes that will be left with his graduation.

Another athlete that is due for some surprises will be Gordon McCleary. Gordon performed as a Freshman and his Discus throw of 119’4 is already the third best throw for a Hawk.

McCleary also had a shot put throw of 39 feet and that is the 5th all time best for the Hawks. Remember this was done as a Freshman. Makes you smile when you know that there will be three more years of watching this young man blossom.

The ReSporter will put next year’s spotlight on Christian Dittman.

Dittman missed going to Region’s in the Pole Vault after soaring for 14’3 and passing Marcus Bolles 13’0 Hawk record by over a foot.

Dittman was also busy with running events where he qualified in the 400 meter dash and then during a meet earlier had Canyon Lake’s best Long Jump for the season.

That jump was not something practiced but his ability to go out and compete at a high level impressed The ReSporter.

Waiting to see how many events Dittman might compete in will only help this Hawk team with points much like Anderson during his hey day.

Scoring high in several events can help the Hawks as points achieved by one athlete will help get the Hawks over the hump in many meets this next year.

Shane Relkin and many other athletes will make their mark and it will be only a small amount of time as this next year comes around to see what student will be that next great trackster.