CL Girls Track All-Time and Spotlight Athlete

Marisa Ellis in a lineup of High Jumpers. Ellis is on the far left side.

Marisa Ellis in a lineup of High Jumpers. Ellis is on the far left side.


Canyon Lake’s Girls Track Team will be a fun team to watch next time around.

There has been a couple of good classes that have filled the tank for this team and next year will certainly be an interesting group to see how they will perform on that big stage.

First things first however and The ReSporter would like to go ahead and jump right into that best Athlete for the Hawks in Track and FIELD.

Kind of already given it away with that ‘Jump’ right into an athlete that would be labeled as the best.

Marisa Ellis has to be a logical choice.

Ellis jumped right into State in both the High Jump and Triple Jump these past two years and has now scored 11 points in State competition.

Ellis raised to a 5’6  High Jump this past month as she was crowned as the best in 3A with that first place finish.

Interesting since the Triple Jump was an event she had been honing her skills these past few years.

Then Ellis finds out that High Jump was the event that got her to the top. (literally)

A practitioner would be one way to coin how Ellis goes after her events. Calculating is another

Grace Allen, Brookelynn Helmke, Mariah Ellis, and Amber Ramsey Teaming up for the Relays

Grace Allen, Brookelynn Helmke, Mariah Ellis, and Amber Ramsey Teaming up for the Relays

way of describing her jumps and strategy.

Bottom line, her rise to being a State Champion was certainly well deserved for a young lady that very seldom had a weak moment on the cinders.

The ReSporter would of liked to see what could of happened if Ellis would of had more rest for the Triple Jump during that Region Meet.

Other tracksters that also deserve mention would also start with an athlete that was the first to make it to State in the Pole Vault three years ago.

Jessica Cunningham was an athlete that made her mark and gave inspiration to several girls to get involved with track when it might not of been that sport to excel in.

Cunningham also helped Canyon Lake with her running events as she was also   multitalented in several events.

Cunningham is now pole vaulting for Stephen F. Austin as she has just completed her second year of competition with the Lumberjacks.

Another deserving lady is Kaelin Simmons who just competed this season in the Discus and Shot Put.

Simmons went to the Region Meet competing in two events and won the Discus in the District Meet with a new CL Record of 111’0. Beating her previous best by over 16 feet.

Canyon Lake does have several girls coming up in the ranks as this past Freshman class will have several of those ladies on the Varsity this coming season.

Sydney Reibschlager had the 6th best time in the 100 Meter Hurdles this past season while competing on the Junior Varsity.

In fact, Victoria Brotherton and Bailey Drum will also be adding Hurdle points for the Hawks next year as there will be some good depth in those events as Trena Lorett will also be returning with a chance of improving her times.

Grace Allen will be bringing some speed to the club as well as competing in the Long Jump for the Hawks.

Trena Lorett getting ready for her next Event.

Trena Lorett getting ready for her next Event.

The Triple Jump will be the deepest event for Canyon Lake has the Freshman girls swept this event in District and with Lorett and Mariah Ellis also being in the top six distances will continue to be an event other teams will be looking on.

Of the top nine Triple Jumps this past season with District 27-3A teams, CL had six girls represented in that number. While only losing one to graduation.

Trena Lorett was in the hunt for several events this season and that is someone to watch to see if she might break into those top three spots.

Trena Lorett’s Events and where she ranks this season in Distrist 27-3A:

100 Meter Dash        9th fastest in district    13.23
100 Meter Hurdles    10th fastest in district    17.23
Long Jump             5th furthest jump          16'11.5    2 points
Triple Jump           4th furthest jump          33'10      4 points
4x100 Meter Relay     3rd fastest                51.80      3 points

Those events above would be worth 9 points for Canyon Lake and a little improvement along with some athletes graduating could give your Hawks some points.

Hannah Graves had an interesting year with the addition of running the 4×400 relay this year to add to her chances of helping CL get points.

4x400 Meter Relay     2nd fastest                 4:10.53   4 points
800 Meter Run         9th fastest                 2:36.39
400 Meter Run         3rd fastest                 61.86     6 points

Another 10 point athlete and Graves could change up some of those events to be able to participate in more since those 800 Meter Run’s are a hard run to do well and have a lot left in your tank.

Brookelynn Helmke has made the relays her home along with Mariah Ellis this past campaign.

4x100 Meter Relay     3rd fastest              51.99        3 points
4x200 Meter Relay     5th fastest              1:51.80      1 point
4x400 Meter Relay     2nd fastest              4:10.53      4 points

The ReSporter will put the Spotlight on Mariah Ellis this upcoming year.

Mariah Ellis competing in the High Jump

Mariah Ellis competing in the High Jump

Ellis will be in all three relays again and then when you add her High Jump and Triple Jump, then you have a young lady that could be your high point player in each meet.

Ellis also has a drive that will certainly help when she gets in the blocks next year since she is also driven by her wanting to beat times and distances put up by her sister.

Another year of development will have Ellis ready to make her own mark in the cinders and will certainly have The ReSporter interested in seeing how she might get those Relays further up that ladder in relation with other district teams.

4x100 Meter Relay     3rd fastest       51.99         3 points
4x200 Meter Relay     5th fastest       1:51.80       1 point
4x400 Meter Relay     2nd fastest       4:10.53       4 points
High Jump             2nd highest       5'2           8 points
Triple Jump           3rd furthest      33'11.5       6 points

Yes, a 22 point day at the track will certainly help, but when you take into account that the two triple jumpers that finished ahead of Mariah this past season (her sister)  having run out of eligibility.

That would give Ellis a chance to up that mark as well as helping those relays to take center stage next season.

A lot of faster students with Grace Allen and others will give the Hawks some needed depth that might get them in that upper echelon when a district meet comes a calling next season.