Coaches Corner, Football | August 16, 2013

Bracken Football: Check Mate

Uncertain future would be the theme this year as Bracken Warriors prepare

Head Coach Lloyd Fields

Head Coach Lloyd Fields

for their two team scrimmage this Friday.

“Everything is in flux,” Head Coach Lloyd Fields said. “Our offense is still a work in progress and we are starting over from square one.”

The Warriors have been ahead of the curve these past three years with a returning QB Eli Achilles calling the signals. All three of those years had that returning quarterback.

Now BCS has replaced those three years of experience for three quarterbacks vying for a chance to call the signals.

“All the positions are open,” Coach Fields fielded.

There is one given for this year’s team and that would be the Warriors tight offensive set. Bracken has some proven entities in that formation which will give Coach Fields a softer pillow on Friday nights after games.

“We have a Sophomore center Gunnar Stolhandske who proved himself last season as a freshman and he has continued to improve. Then having Goober (Preston Koch) and Davis Scott back as Seniors makes this our gold standard,” Coach Fields elaborated.

When asked what to expect this coming Friday for Bracken’s first scrimmage, Coach Fields was not short of words, “We will see how good of shape we are in after playing the equivalent of two games. Due to a scheduling glitch we ended up with New Braunfels Christian as a game after we suit up for Round Rock Christian.”

“I will find our tomorrow night how good we will be….I can’t really tell how good we are until we go out and play someone else.”

Bracken Christian is not short on experience players that have been to battle. In fact this group of Seniors have a 35-3 record with a winning percentage of .921.

Coach Fields is also not short of experience as he has accumulated a sparkling 55-8 record and you have to think there are a lot more bullets in his gun as this season starts in earnest in a few weeks.

“In the past we had our quarterback signaling to the receiver based on the coverage,” Coach Fields mused. “This year our experience will be in our receivers and they will be signaling to the quarterback based on the coverage. In years past we could adjust on the run but we are still searching for those cohesive units this season.”

Newcomer Jeff Camp is leading the pack for the punting duties and Koch is looking like the leader for extra bonus points.

Bracken has replaced their open game in their schedule in November with San Marcos Home School.

That week was left vacant when Brenham Christian folded tents this year. Houston Emery-Weiner then replaced that week which left the game in November open.

If you still understand that Chess match then hopefully your Bracken Christian Warriors can turn the table and Check-Mate their opponents this year.