Coaches Corner, Volleyball | August 4, 2013

CL Volleyball Will be Consistent This Season

New Volleyball Head Coach Kimberley Paisley will make sure you understand

Head Volleyball Coach Kimberley Paisley

Head Volleyball Coach Kimberley Paisley

one thing when you watch her team play.

That team will at least be ‘Consistent’.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary would state: (a) marked by harmony, regularity, or steady continuity : free from variation or contradiction. (b) marked by agreement : compatible…

Coach Paisley grew up in Wimberley and played on two Volleyball teams that made it to the Final Four with a State Championship resulting for one of those campaigns.

We are not finished as Paisley also played on two basketball teams that also made it to a Final Four and was beaten both times in the semi final game.

Coach Paisley played Volleyball for Kingsville in college and had a major in Biology.

She then proceeded to Alice and started her Coaching career for her first four years.

Alice was also just starting a Volleyball program and finished last to being just one spot from making the playoffs her final season.

Paisley then moved north to Smithville for three years where she inherited a team that was 0-10 in district play to playoffs for the first time in 20 years.

Each move has allowed Paisley to get closer to Wimberley where her Dad still lives.

“I was ready to get here,” Coach Paisley said excitedly. “I was excited.”

What type of expectations are you wanting to aspire too?

“Consistency is a vital part of running a successful program and I want the kids to give their best and give their all.”

The excitement was not only heard but you can also see that same drive in Coach Paisley’s face.

“I will provide an opportunity for the team to trust me and consistency is what builds the respect.”

Coach Paisley was certainly consistent with her words…

“I will get after them and I will love them,” Coach Paisley said eloquently.

“I will have new things to bring into practice,” Paisley finished.

I will say (The ReSporter) that Coach Paisley certainly will see what she can do to rectify not being in the playoffs the past two years.

“That will change,” Coach Paisley said consistently.

The ReSporter knows that Coach did not have a chance to finish her schedule and so what type of schedule would you want to see in the future?

“I will want to have very competitive four or five games on our schedule before district play. I also want to play in a 4A tournament and have an opportunity to build confidence….we need to work on our confidence.”

Learning how Coach Paisley attacks her season will be a joy to behold.

“Volleyball is so mental and consistency (there is that word again) in a Volleyball game. I want the girls to get my attitude and we can turn this around in three years.”

What is that attitude?

“When I played our whole team would walk into the gym to psych our opponent… we walked in with an attitude that said you are going to have to play your best game ever to beat us. We played hungry and we wanted to win every game.”

Wow, by now Coach Paisley had The ReSporter ready to get on the court and do some damage.

“Volleyball is 80 percent mental and the rest is (you guessed it) repetition and that will result in consistency.”

The ReSporter thinks you now have an idea of what is expected this season.

Now it is up to Coach Paisley in having this year’s squad playing ‘Consistently’ good versus ‘Consistency’ bad.

After spending the past hour with Coach, The ReSporter feels that Paisley’s persona will take over and hopefully a new ending for a successful season.

“We’re going to change that,” Coach Paisley said when commenting on getting a Hawk team back into the playoffs.