Coaches Corner, Football | August 9, 2013

Coaches Corner with Bracken’s Lloyd Fields

The first week is over and at the last time The ReSporter had a conversation

Bracken's Warriors get Offensive

Bracken’s Warriors get Offensive

with Head Coach Lloyd Fields he still had all of his players accounted for.

That is a very important item when you are covering 6-man Football.

Having enough players can let you know if you can even field a team for many schools.

The ReSporter did catch up with Coach Fields and he seemed to be in good spirits.

The ReSporter: Coach Fields how do you feel about your team so far this season?

Coach Fields: “We are a work in progress….we have more questions than we do answers and that could make for an interesting things on the field.”

The ReSporter: Tell us what you see with your offense and defense.

Coach Fields: “We don’t have a clue about our spread offense yet, but we do have a good and talented group of Seniors. We had 15 guys show up and they are all still out there.

But we have 1/3 of our team that has not taken a snap of high school football yet and that will make it interesting for sure.”

The ReSporter: Let us know what you have with some of your returning players.

Coach Fields: “We have Preston Koch who has come in better shape than he ever has and he weighed in at 235 lbs. Davis Scott is in phenomenal shape as well as John Colby our middle linebacker who checked in at 210 lbs and seems to better adapted to 6-man with this being his second year.”

The ReSporter: Tell us more about some of your other players.

Bracken Christian putting the pieces together on Defense

Bracken Christian putting the pieces together on Defense

Coach Fields: “Senior Sam Hilgendorf will be our starting quarterback and is one of two returning cornerbacks with (mean as a snake) Coy Zunker.

Our XBackers will be Noah Boriack who transferred in this year with Mason Anthony. Another player that has really come along has been Gunnar Stolhandske and he will be our third defensive end. We had another transfer that will be manning a linebacker spot in Jeff Camp. He is 6’1 and 190lbs.”

We have some depth.”

The ReSporter: What are some of your strengths this season?

Coach Fields: “Our tight offensive line will be good with Stolhandske at center, Colby our guard, and Scott playing tight end.

We have three quarterbacks right now with Jeff Camp, Brady Beene and Sam Hilgendorf. Koch will be our fullback and Mason Anthony helped us a lot coming in during the second half of the season last year. He showed us some quickness. We also will use Noah Boriack as a tailback in that formation.”

The ReSporter: What is your biggest weakness?

Coach Fields: “Our special teams…we are still trying to find someone who can help us with our pat’s. Right now we have Colby and Koch trying out for that spot.

We want to be able to kick instead lining up in an offensive set after our touchdowns this season.”

The ReSporter: What has happened with your schedule?

Coach Fields: “We have had a school drop out (Brenham Christian) and we needed to move Houston Emery-Weiner date and so now we will have several tough games to start the season. We are still looking for a replacement game…I do not want to have a nine game season…and we will find someone to replace the Brenham team.”

The ReSporter: Final thoughts?

Coach Fields: “We are going to get our first indication next Friday on what we will be during a scrimmage at our house with Round Rock Christian.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach we will get back in touch and see if you still have those 15 players.