Coaches Corner, Football | August 22, 2013

Coaches Corner with Bracken’s Lloyd Fields

The ReSporter: Hey Coach Fields, how was your first scrimmage?

Fullback and Defensive End Preston Koch

Fullback and Defensive End Preston Koch

Coach Fields: “Very pleased with the defense…our defense will hit you. Our x-backer (Jeff Camp) and our defensive ends controlled the line.”

The ReSporter: What happened offensively?

Coach Fields: “Our offense was hit and miss, but we got better as the night went on. Our spread offense is still a work in progress and we might have a power spread.”

The ReSporter: Where are you compared to this time last year?

Coach Fields: “Our defense is a little ahead of last year’s squad…we have some players that have proven themselves in the past. The offense is behind but we are getting there.”

The ReSporter: Spend some more time giving us your opinion on that offense and how do you catch them up with previous years?

Coach Fields: “We aren’t Greyhounds anymore…the time of handing the ball off and scoring on one and two play drives is gone. Ground and pound will be our strength. We will need to work on our execution which will lead to our performance improving. It will take some time to get our timing down.”

The ReSporter: Give us an idea of how this Friday’s scrimmage will be set up.

Coach Fields: “This scrimmage will start at 7pm and have each team with a 20 play offense with our first team. Then our second team will have a 15 plays a piece. We will then have one more 10 play set with the starters again.”

The ReSporter: What will be your goals or hopes this Friday?

Coach Fields: “After we have our set of plays, we will play a 12 minute quarter with our special teams and every facet of what would go in a game. It will be a live quarter. We now have to play people to get better…we have reached a point in practice where we have hit a wall in improving.”

The ReSporter: The season looms are you ready to reach your goals?

Coach Fields: “Our goal is to make the Final 4 and we have accomplished that in three of the past five years.”

The ReSporter: Good luck Coach and we will see you this Friday at Bracken for your scrimmage.