Football, Game Article | August 30, 2013

Hawks on Learning Curve in 13-6 Loss to Blanco

Hawks have started their learning curve in a loss to Blanco on Friday at Hawk Stadium, 13-6.

Classes started this week at Canyon Lake and for those students that put on pads had to learn some hard lessons on Friday night and will certainly be doing some homework as they now prepare for Somerset next week.

“This was a typical game with Blanco,” Head Coach Charles Drum started. “The last time this happened in 2010 we went two rounds into the playoffs…and that is what we told the boys.”

“Our tackling could improve but the good news is that all these mistakes are fixable and Blanco deserved the game and they scored more points than we did.”

The 215 yards of offense was two yards shy of their first game with Blanco back in 2008 and as a whole the Hawks have not burned the Panthers offensively even during those high octane years.

 Blanco Games   Rushing  Passing  Total Yds  All-Time Rank  Game Score
 2010           129        60     189        39th           Hawks Lost 12-7
 2013           155        60     215        37th           Hawks Lost 13-6
 2008             4       213     217        36th           Hawks Lost 63-0
 2011           202       104     306        28th           Hawks Won 14-7
 2012           179       172     351        22nd           Hawks Won 26-21
 2009            81       292     373        21st           Hawks Won 21-14

This will show that Canyon Lake does not have a great history of getting out of the gate very well and will also give some hope that things certainly can improve.

Add to this, trying to install a new offense, and you could deduce that this result might have been predictable.

 Blanco Games   Rushing   Passing    Total Yards    All-Time Rank
 2012           148        73        221             6th
 2009           161        65        226             7th
 2011           149       103        252            11th
 2013           204        61        265            13th
 2010           193       147        340            22nd
 2008           512        38        550            45th

Blanco has averaged 309 yards per game but only two games have been over 300 yards so that part of this game will help as the offense tries to get in gear as this season continues.

Senior McGuire Johnson was active on both sides of the ball, but defensively he made his presence felt for a lot of Panthers.

“We are young,” Linebacker Johnson tackled. “I’m considering this to be a learning experience and we’ve got to learn and practice like we play….We just have to keep our heads up and now Blanco is out of the picture and Somerset is next as we will take it game by game.”

The Hawks did allow a first drive for Blanco of 73 yards and an opening score as a costly off sides penalty negated a six yard loss on a fumble play and gave the Panthers a first down and five instead of looking at a second down and 16 yards for a first.

That play also happened deep in the Hawks territory as Blanco scored on their next play from 14 yards out.

CL showed promise on their first possession after the Panther score driving from their 30 yard line to the Blanco 35 but a delay penalty changed a third and five to a third and 10 and once again helped stall a good chance to respond after that Blanco touchdown.

That drive also turned out to be the longest of the night with 11 plays being called on the field.

The Hawks scored what turned out to their only touchdown in the second quarter after Cody Simmons recovered a fumble on Blanco’s 30 yard line which helped thwart a chance for the Panthers to increase their lead.

A razzle/dazzle Nick Cahill run for 46 yards helped get some much needed momentum and five plays later Skyler Tschoepe found an open Christian Dittman in the end zone and bringing the Hawks within one point for a tie.

Ian Acosta was off on the pat try and as this game would prove, Canyon Lake’s last chance to scare the goal line.

Second half was not very productive as the Hawks could only muster 68 yards of offense and two first downs.

Not being able to sustain drives is not a good situation for a predominantly running team and those pesky five yard penalties acted like 15 yards as Canyon Lake never seemed to get out of their funk.

“This is a very different speed and a whole different game,” Quarterback Tschoepe said. “This loss will take care of itself and will drive us. With this being my first game we are still getting used to each other.

“There are some external factors and things that are distractions and getting used to that on the field is important,” Tschoepe closed. “This result is not what we wanted but we will practice and learn a lot.”

CL did have a couple of chances late in the fourth to get back into this game but a sack for five yards put water on one drive while the Hawks just did not get many open runs against the Panthers.

A learning curve will have to commence quickly as Canyon Lake’s next test will not be an open book exam and a better result will be needed.

“We will be alright,” Coach Drum beat. “We had 15 or 16 new starters and they will improve…I’m disappointed but we will get better.”

           1   2   3   4   Final
 Blanco    7   0   0   6   13
 CL Hawks  0   6   0   0   06
 Scoring Summary
 BH--Logan Dodd 14 yard run (Aikman Elrod kick), 8:24, 1st
 CL--Christian Dittman 11 yd pass from Skyler Tschoepe (pat failed), 7:17, 2nd
 BH--Colton Elrod 5 yd pass from McKay Adamson (pat failed), 9:43, 4th
Game Stats          Panthers     Hawks
Total Yards         265          215
First Downs         15           11
Rushes/Yards        40/204       34/155
Comp/Att/Int        5/8/1        4/14/1
Passing Yards       61           60
Punts/Ave           3/35.0       4/31.5
Fumbles/Lost        3/2          0/0
Penalties-Yards     1-10         5-25
TOP                 26:28        21:32
Passing             Comp   Att   Pct   Yards   TD   Int
Skyler Tschoepe     4      14   .286   60      1    1
Rushing             Att    Yds   Ave    Lg     TD
Josh DeVries        13     50    3.8    12     0
Nick Cahill          1     48   48.0    48     0
McGuire Johnson      6     34    5.7    23     0
Hayden DuBois        6     19    3.2     5     0
Robert Woods         1      5    5.0     5     0
J.J. Nance           1      2    2.0     2     0
Christian Dittman    1     -1    0.0     0     0
Skyler Tschoepe      4     -2    0.0     2     0
Receiving           No     Yds   Ave    Lg     TD
Josh DeVries        3      49    16.3   32     0
Christian Dittman   1      11    11.0   11     1