Football, Player Profile | August 5, 2013

Justin Monfils ‘Wants To’ Win

Another ‘in the trenches’ player will be playing in his third season for the varsity and to say

Senior Lineman Justin Monfils

Senior Lineman Justin Monfils

he wants to have a good season would be an understatement.

With this new offensive scheme you might expect many of plays will be directed to his side of the ball for a maximum chance for success.

Who is this player? Senior Justin Monfils.

Monfils stepped it up this off season, “We are working harder, Coach said that you need to put time in to play.”

“I want to be faster and I improved my 40 time from 6.1 to 5.6 while losing 30 pounds.”

That might translate into a quicker player that can maul you which would be a welcome for those running backs.

“I don’t feel that much different than when I first started playing on the varsity,” Monfils said calmly.

How about coming to the party with a frame that boasted 6’0 and 320 pounds to where Monfils will be starting this season before two a days, 6’1 and 295.

“My goal is to get down to 275 to 280 pounds.”

Last season did not transpire in a positive way and Monfils wants to be sure this season will different, not only in his stature but in the win column.

“The team that plays consistently from the start of the game for all four quarters will have a better result,” sage Monfils said.

“Last year we came out better the second half of the season, but our play was not consistent in how we finished and how we prepared during the weeks. We need to control what we can control this time.”

Monfils was not finished, “Our ultimate goal is to win and not just in yardage but just having it together to come out on top in any fashion. Two years ago we won a lot of games and had a lot of raw talent, but that team also had more ‘want to’.

That seemed to be Monfils key ingredient on how this season can also be a year where more wins is paramount.

“We will need more sideline enthusiasm and behind the scenes in getting the team fired up.”

Canyon Lake seems to have let that loss to Boerne two years ago have a chance to ruin a good season with last year’s team.

So how will you get that Boerne game out of your heads?

“It shouldn’t matter…not just Boerne but every game you have to pump everybody up and get ‘The Want To.”

Having someone with Monfils size will have a way of instilling that ‘Want To’, this season as your Hawks prepare for what could be a break out year.

The question is do they ‘Want To’?