Football, Game Article | August 29, 2013

Keep Your Eye on the Prize, on Field Goal Win over Blanco JV

Mike Thorpe, Matt Adams, and Tim Romero pose after each having a improbable play in CL's comeback win

Mike Thorpe, Matt Adams, and Tim Romero pose after each having an improbable play in CL’s comeback win

Canyon Lake JV started their season after three quarters into the game with Blanco offensively on Thursday night as the Hawks found gold in that quarter with 19 unanswered points in a historic win.

The game was not a good start to this season but perseverance was dialed up as the Hawks started their onslaught just in time for a timely victory, by keeping their eye on the prize.

Offensively, Canyon Lake had not done much beginning this match.

                     Off Plays    First Downs   Yards   Ave Per Play   Turnovers
First 3 Quarters       21              1          56        2.7           3
Fourth Quarter         12              4         179       14.9           0

Now you can see how CL just turned on the light for a dominating fourth quarter.

Defensively, Canyon Lake was impressive in only giving up one touchdown on the Panthers first drive of the game and then shutting Blanco down for the duration of this contest.

Three fumbles with one being returned like a hand off from 53 yards away from the goal line kept CL from getting any pressure on Blanco.

That fumble return had Blanco up by 16 points and your Hawks searching for their first first down. (say that three times real fast)

Blanco’s longest pass play was for 10 yards and taking a 23 yard run away from their first drive you had the Panthers averaging just 3.2 yards per carry.

So yes, there was a lot of heroics in this game offensively, but the game was won when Canyon Lake did not allow Blanco a chance of scoring after that first drive.

Case in point was a defensive play by Tyler Herber.

The game was tied with five minutes left in the contest when Blanco was thwarted by Herber in the middle of

Team huddle after 19 point 4th Quarter comeback over Blanco JV, 19-16

Team huddle after 19 point 4th Quarter comeback over Blanco JV, 19-16

the line. A Panther running back only needed three yards for a first and more precious time to get into a possession to score.

Herber closed in and not only tackled his competitor, but picked said player up and threw him back and keeping that runner to just a one yard gain and short of a first down.

Fourth down and two yards had Blanco punting and giving Canyon Lake one last shot for a score.

“Coach told me to pinch on every play,” Defensive End Herber recounted. “There was nobody else there and I just wrapped him (the running back) as hard as I could and just picked him up as best I could.”

That is the part of the game that was as integral as the run/pass/field goal plays that also added up to a three point win.

Back to the fourth quarter with an interception by Canyon Lake on that first play of the last quarter the stage was being set for a great ending.

Next play had Matt Adams sneaking down the sideline for a catch and run for 77 yards and the first score.

“I was just hoping it got to me and hoping I would catch it,” Tailback Adams cited. “It had to be now or never and that was what we were thinking when we took the field after that interception. This was our game to win.”

Canyon Lake still had many things that would have to go right. Another score and also converting on two point extra points.

The Hawk defense only allowed two yards on Blanco’s next possession and after a 28 yard punt, Canyon Lake set up shop on their 20 yard line.

Enter Tim Romero who finished with 108 yards on the ground. The game had not been a stellar affair from the ground attack up to that point.

The Hawks had only gained 56 yards before this run. Eighty yards later everything had changed especially the average per rushing play. But it only takes one play to turn a game on its side.

“I just kept moving and tried to avoid the tackles,” Light footed Romero stated. “I felt them coming and I just kept running like a herd of cattle.”

Whatever that means, but you can deduce that it has something to do with a stampede.

Now for the final and incredible ending.

The Defense held again with that stellar play from Herber capping a good defensive stand.

After a Blanco punt, Canyon Lake set up their offense on the Hawk 42 yard line.

A pass that was almost intercepted now had the Hawks with an ominous second down and needing 10 yards to keep the drive going. Romero responded with a two yard run and then Haden Lee entered the game with his only play on a third down gain for 12 yards that was needed to keep the chains moving.

This play had Lee being hit by at least 12 Panthers on the run. (Yes, The ReSporter knows you can only have 11 players on the field but you also need to realize that this run was huge and having 12 players hitting him once gives you that idea)

Another great running play by Adams for 16 yards on the very next down had the Hawks on Blanco’s 12 yard line.

Canyon Lake likes to make games dramatic and to give the fans their money’s worth. So, in classic Hawk fashion those next three running plays all resulted in lost yardage, eight yards to be exact.

Now, CL had a fourth and 18 yards for a first on their 20 yard line.

Enter a player that had never played a down of football and his last game being in a soccer contest.

Mike Thorpe had not even had a chance to kick a point after touchdown since your Hawks had to score two points after each score to have a chance of catching these Panthers.

“The only kicks I had practiced up to this point were the pat’s,” Thorpe three stepped. “I told them (the team) that I could kick from 40 yards out.”

Yes, this kick would of been good from that distance, but Thorpe only needed a 37 yarder on this night.

“I just had to keep my eye on the prize,” Thorpe said while recalling what he was thinking as he readied himself for this field goal.

“I was thinking, don’t drop it and don’t hit my fingers,” Adams said while commenting on being the holder for Thorpe.

You could of been late for this contest and not missed any offense, but Canyon Lake now has a huge win.

Injuries to some key players and having several students on the sideline waiting for clearance to play will only give this team some fun things to think about as they mature through this season.

Yes, just keep your eye on the prize and we will see you next week at Hawk stadium.

                   1  2  3  4  Final
 Canyon Lake JV    0  0  0 19  19
 Blanco JV        16  0  0  0  16
 Scoring Summary:
 BHJV-Chase Horton 3 yard run (Horton pass), 7:18, 1st
 BHJV-#62 53 yard fumble return (Horton run), 4:12, 1st
 CLJV-Matt Adams 77 yard pass from Mason Montgomery, (Adams run), 8:48, 4th
 CLJV-Tim Romero 80 yard run (Adams run), 6:51, 4th
 CLJV-Mike Thorpe 37 yard field goal, 1:12, 4th
 Stats             Canyon Lake JV      Blanco JV
 Total Yards       235                 151
 First Downs       5                   10
 Rushes/Yards      30/158              35/129
 Comp/Att/Int      1/3/0               4/10/1
 Passing Yards     77                  22
 Punts/Ave         2/36.5              4/29.5
 Fumbles/Lost      3/3                 3/2
 Penalties-Yards   3-30                3-20
Passing            Comp   Att   Ave   Yds   Lg   TD
Mason Montgomery   1      3    .333   77    77   1
Rushing            No     Yds   Ave   Lg   TD
Tim Romero         14     108   7.7   80   1
Matt Adams         12      39   3.3   18   0
Haden Lee           1      12  12.0   12   0
Mason Montgomery    3      -1   0.0    4   0
Receiving          No     Yds   Ave   Lg   TD
Matt Adams          1     77   77.0   77   1