Football, Player Profile | August 9, 2013

Lightning Strikes with Offensive Lineman

Offensive Lineman Trey Saenz, Corey Rustin, and Austin Kahil

Offensive Lineman Trey Saenz, Corey Rustin, and Austin Kahil

More articles on offensive lineman should make the running backs and quarterback very happy and so The Resporter found three more of these ‘in the trenches’ players after two-a-days this past week.

This year, Canyon Lake will need a big season from this group of players and finding out more about these students should help in coming up with an idea of what this year will resemble.

Corey Rustin, Austin Kahil, and Trey Saenz will all be counted on this season and The ReSporter wanted to know how each player was feeling about this season so far.

“We don’t have separate teams,” Rustin started. “The defensive line and offensive line are more of a one team one unit…we have better teamwork and everyone is pushing each other harder.”

“I feel a lot better about this line than last year,” Saenz said. “There is a lot more intensity and the program is working better with the new system.”

Kahil also had a word, “We are a younger team, but some of us have played eight years together so having that type of unity will help.”

The ReSporter had heard that this off season was pretty intense.

“We had a lot more conditioning,” Kahil ripped. “As soon as the season stopped we were working our butts off.”

“This was one of the hardest off seasons and that will improve our toughness instead of just helping our strength and speed,” Saenz interjected. “I feel more confident with the running game.”

That was an important statement considering that this year will have an offense intent on having a good running game.

“This program is working better with the new system,” Rustin also quipped. “We are bringing down our fundamentals and we can beat them with those fundamentals. This team just fits better, we know our moves better and have more trust in each other.”

Listening to these offensive lineman starts to get you excited thinking about how this cohesiveness might entail and with that bonding produce more wins this year.

“I’m going to be able to get my guy and that will help our running backs to get up the field,” Saenz said.

“We have implemented about 75% of our plays and we are working on our main plays in practice,” Kahil said.

Other parting shots from this group of lineman.

“There is more toughness that is also mental toughness and there is no individuals it is ‘we’ not ‘I’, Rustin finished.

“We are going to get down and pull together,” Kahil put it eloquently.

“Obviously we want to win District and go to the playoffs,” Saenz said matter of factly. “Our personal goals are our team goals. I want teams to see lightning in instead of just thunder.”

Saenz has a second career goal of being a weather forecaster. Realizing that it is the lightning that does more damage in a storm than thunder.

“Heroes get remembered but legends live forever,” Saenz ended.

Philosophy teacher is going to be happy with this student.

Now go and strike some lightning and open some holes for those skill players.