Practice makes Perfect in CL’s Intrasquad game Saturday

The ‘Brains’ behind this new fangled offense is Coach Troy Moses as the Canyon Lake intrasquad game on

Offensive Coordinator Troy Moses

Offensive Coordinator Troy Moses

Saturday gave fans a good idea of what might be expected when Friday’s roll around in the Fall.

One thing is for certain. The players like this offense and that excitement can be seen in settings like was played out on Saturday.

“You could tell they were doing something new and for the first time at full speed,” Offensive Coordinator Moses parted. “Taking that into consideration we did pretty good today.”

Canyon Lake will have to be a quick study with this offense as the will soon be upon us.

Two scrimmages and then Blanco to open the season at home August 30th or in 20 days.

“We want the kids to be at the right spot, so that was what we were trying to do before each snap,” Moses continued. “Each kid has specifics and it is not a scheme offense. With this offense all the players have something to do.”

The Hawks had both sides of the ball dominating at one point during this scripted practice.

“Yes, we did not worry about who was on offense or defense and will be studying tapes to see which player set themselves apart from this scrimmage.”

“We aren’t even close on knowing who will be on our offensive line or any position for that matter and we are here to judge their knowledge and see who can play and not play.”

So, the Hawks will continue to practice hard going into their scrimmage next week and see who has set themselves apart from their teammates for playing time.

“You need to know exactly what to do,” Coach Moses said exactly. “From the running the draw to play action…it was all scripted.”

Now Canyon Lake will open another chapter in their short history and try to get that disappointing season out of their mouth and make a 180 degree turn and get those losses from last season changed to wins.

“We will not go live against each other for the rest of this year…we will need to slow down and tweak our offense and get ready for next week,” Coach Moses closed.

Yes, Canyon Lake might have some surprised looks on their opponents faces when this season starts and now the community waits for that opening act with Blanco in a few weeks.

 Upcoming Games:
 August 16th     @ Llano         Scrimmage       5pm
 August 23rd     @ Hays-Lehman   Scrimmage       5pm
 August 29th     @ Blanco        Junior Varsity  6pm
 August 29th     @ Lago Vista    Freshman        5pm
 August 30th     Blanco       @  Canyon Lake     730pm