Football, Pre/Game | August 27, 2013

Pre/Game: Bracken Christian & Austin Hill Country

      Austin Hill Country    @    Bracken Christian      7:30pm
      Knights (0-0)               Warriors (0-0)
 History: Warriors leads this series 6-2
 2006   BCS  16   AHC  64
 2007   BCS  54   AHC  48
 2008   BCS  44   AHC  16
 2009   BCS  64   AHC  72
 2010   BCS  54   AHC  21
 2011   BCS  68   AHC  48
 2011   BCS  60   AHC  42  Playoff
 2012   BCS  56   AHC  06
Season Results:
 Opening Day

This will be the sixth year in a row where your Warriors have opened their season with AHC with an overall record of 6-2.

Austin Hill Country is one of just three teams to beat Bracken on their home field since 2007 season.

That fraternity is small with Kerrville OLH and Austin NYOS as the other two schools to pull off this rarity.

With a Warrior win, Bracken will reach a seven game win total over one opponent surpassing Tomball Rosehill team.

There will be two players to watch in this week’s game with the Knights.

Jackson Monteiro and his brother Noah Monteiro will both be giving the Warriors fits on defense trying to curtail these two players that were both all-district players last season.

Jackson Monteiro was their spread back and accounting for over 800 yards passing and over 700 yards on the ground. Jackson crossed the goal line 23 times and adding Noah to that number give these brothers 45 total touchdowns.

Defensively, BCS will need to limit these two players to shift the game in favor of the Warriors.

AHC finished with a 6-6 record last year and a 4-1 district record.

Last year Bracken controlled this game defensively and will want to do the same again if possible.

The Knights were able to gain a paltry 53 yards in this Mercy game and all their positive yards was via the pass.

This will be a new campaign in several ways as Bracken went back to school this week in order to study but also with a focus of closing those holes found in last week’s scrimmage.

Davis Scott was not involved in last weeks game offensively as he did not have a chance to touch a ball.

Preston Koch will bring his braun and Noah Boriack had some long runs that will also help in getting Bracken to a first win of this year.

Six-man is one of the hardest games to predict based on the amount of players found on the sidelines.

Injuries/sickness can keep a team from winning games and this will be a year where finding a winning combination with those players can instill some confidence.

Keep an eye on Sam Hilgendorf as he quarterbacks full time and another new comer with Jeff Camp getting more opportunities to contribute.

Another area you will want to keep an eye on is special teams and especially those important bonus kicks.

BCS is still searching for that player that can be a consistent kicker and helping score those important points after touchdowns.