Football, Game Article | August 24, 2013

Warriors Prepare for Opening Act in Scrimmage with Castle Hills

Bracken Christian Football team had their dress rehearsal last Friday night against Castle Hills as

Warrior Get Ready for Play-Time at Dress Rehearsal

Warrior Gets Ready for Play-Time at Dress Rehearsal

these two teams met on the Warrior field.

One thing you could certainly deduce in this game is BCS might need to go back into a dressing room and be sure that they have their right make-up on.

The scrimmage part of this game was about even except for the second string scrimmage.

Those plays were dominated by your younger Warriors.

Quarterback Brady Beene stood tall in the pocket and delivered several on the mark passes.

Another up and comer had to be the running of Daniel Forgione, his skills had this team advancing the ball consistently.

Defensively Chris Kubala pounced on a fumble while Tim Corey and Seth Smith also had several stops.

This scrimmage had a live quarter at the end of the scripted plays and Castle Hills Lions came out on top 22-14 during that portion of this scrimmage.

What was good for Bracken last week (defense) was a step slower while the offense did look better against this Lion’s team.

“We can’t score in 2.5 plays like we had in the past,” Head Coach Lloyd Fields said. “Last week was good and this week was the opposite.”

Bracken will certainly hone in on getting many of those mistakes under control as Austin Hill Country will come callin this next Friday at Bracken with a start time at 7:30pm.

That will not be a dress rehearsal and the curtain will be raised with a new season.

“I like what we did tonight,” Coach Fields said. “There were ups but we had more down plays…our linebacker play will have to get better, it suffered tonight.”

During the live scrimmage, BCS found a silver lining with the running of a new comer in Noah Boriack.

Boriack had 112 yards on six carries and two of those runs were a reminder of previous years. A 51 yarder and a two carry drive for 60 yards with both resulting in Bracken scores.

“The team did fine,” Junior Boriack started. “We had a lot of hit and misses, but we had some good blocking and that is good for our team. Once we get our blocking down for the whole game then we will be a good team.”

Those glimpses of offense were offset by a defense that had way too many open receivers and runs that took air out of the Bracken Balloon.

“Our defense needs to tackle,” Boriack mentioned. “We have a decent team and we will come back and be active against Hill Country…we will go all out all the time.”

Castle Hills was a big team and had some speed in the backfield and that will certainly give the coaching staff enough to teach for this final week before that opening act.

Just don’t break a leg!!

Stats (12 minute quarter)     Lions       Warriors
First Downs                   6           6
Total Yards                   205         157
Rushes/Yards                  9/67        15/150
Passing                       5/6/0       1/1/0
Passing Yards                 138         7
Fumbles/Lost                  1/1         1/1
Punts/Ave.                    0/0         0/0
Penalties/Yards               2-20        0-0
Passing              Comp  Att   Pct.  Yards  TD  Int
Sam Hilgendorf       1     1    1.000  7      0   0
Rushing              Att   Yards   Ave   Lg   TD
Noah Boriack         6     112    18.7   51   2
Preston Koch         8      46     5.7   17   0
Sam Hilgendorf       1      -8     0.0    0   0
Receiving            No    Yards   Ave   Lg   TD
John Colby           1     7       7.0    7   0
New and Improved 2013 Schedule
Aug 30    Austin Hill Country     @ Bracken Christian        7:30pm
Sep  6    Bracken Christian       @ Sugar Land Logos Prep    7:00pm
Sep 13    Bracken Christian       @ Prairie Lea              7:30pm
Sep 21    Hou Emery-Weiner        @ Bracken Christian        7:30pm
Sep 27    Bye
Oct  4    Giddings                @ Bracken Christian        7:30pm
Oct 11    Boerne Geneva           @ Bracken Christian        7:30pm
Oct 18    CASA                    @ Bracken Christian        7:30pm   Homecoming
Oct 25    Bracken Christian       @ Kerrville OLH            7:30pm
Nov  1    San Marcos Home School  @ Bracken Christian        7:30pm
Nov  8    SA Winston              @ Bracken Christian        7:30pm