Football, Game Article | September 7, 2013

Bracken Doesn’t Need Instant Replay in Win over Logos, 34-30

After further review…6-Man Football should start a petition of having plays going to replay.

Bracken Christian made that concept a mute point as the win was put on their record when they wore out the Logos Lions, 34-30 last Friday night in the Garden of Eden. (Houston)

“I have said all week that we wanted to play better and we did not fold it up and responded,” Head Coach Lloyd Fields said.

Back to the ‘instant replay’ saga.

Logos won that battle 3 to 1 as there were three plays that cost Bracken points on offense and defense with one play costing the host team in that royal battle.

1. Sugar Land Logos was denied a touchdown in the second quarter when a Lion receiver caught a ball in the end zone and not only got two feet on that play but if this Lion player would of been an arachna, then he would of had a chance to get all eight legs in the end zone for this play.

Side note: Logos Lions scored on this set of downs two plays later.

2. In the third quarter on Logos first drive, the Lions scored after having 5 downs to get their points.

a) 1st Down: Ball on Bracken's 12 yard line, Logos QB fumbled snap lost two yards.
b) 2nd Down: Ball on Bracken's 14 yard line Logos running back gains 4 yards.
c) 3rd Down: Ball on Bracken's 10 yard line and Logos running back gains 3 yards.
d) 4th Down: Ball on Bracken's 7 yard line and a pass play for 5 yards.
e) 5th Down: Ball on Bracken's 2 yard line a Logos run and an eventual score.

3. On the series after the 5th down saga, Bracken had the ball on the Lion’s three yard line and a Preston Koch score was nullified after falling into the end zone on the play. Result? Bracken fumbled next play on the one yard line giving the hosts the ball. This score would of resulted in 8 points and a 30-16 score. (the bonus kick would of been true since Koch was only good on point afters after his scores)

4. With Bracken on Defense and Logos on their last drive, an obvious fumble that was blown dead which called off Coy Zunker who picked the ball up for what would of been a Bracken score.

Only giving facts based after the game, but this game should not have been this close.

Kudos for Bracken not folding like a Manila Envelope and not only scoring the go ahead touchdown but holding the Lions with over four minutes left in this game.

Noah Boriack finished this game with 216 yards rushing with 9 of those carries being 10 yards or more.

Jeff Camp also made his touching the football count as he caught one pass for a score and one run which also resulted in a touchdown for the good guys.

“Both of my scores were a result of surprising Logos,” Camp camped out. “We had been running over and over and I just released on the pass play and was wide open.”

On what Camp was thinking while he waited for the ball.

“I’m not thinking,” Camp said as each teacher reading this might have a different opinion. “If you think, then you will drop it.” (the ball)

Likewise, on his winning touchdown run, Camp assessed the play much the same way.

“The first time we were down that close to the goal line we were stopped, so after running from the tight offense all day, I was lined up at the Tight End position and they weren’t considering that I would get the ball.”

“We had been hammering all night and the reverse was set up with that play” Coach Fields stated.

Koch was also nails in this game as his defensive plays on Logos’ last drive were show stoppers.

“Coach (Fields) had been saving us for offense and I was fresh compared to our guys,” Koch cooked up.

Koch also passed David Martinez for third place on Bracken’s career rushing totals when he passed the 1000 yard barrier.

Name                Last Year    Att     Yds     TD     Ave Per Rush
Grady Achilles        2011       647   7.988    164        12.3
Eli Achilles          2012       241   3,537     69        15.9
Preston Koch          2013       130   1,055     15         8.1
David Martinez        2009       136     993     19         7.3
Ehren Jacobson        2011        96     602     13         6.3

The ReSporter wanted to know if Koch was making a statement by only making bonus kicks based on when he scores.

“I just kick and hope for the best,” Koch said diplomatically.

This win was big for Bracken as another loss would of been their third in a row which has not happened since that first year when that loss streak hit the five game level.

“This win gives us confidence, now we know we can win, and it will give us momentum,” Koch said while thinking of a trifecta response.

Camp also had some poignant words for what this win meant for Bracken.

“The team knows we would have to suck it up tonight,” Camp said with resolve. “We have had a lot of improvement of our heart and by us winning we know we must function as a team and one body….we just need to get it together.”

                  1   2   3   4   Final
 BCS Warriors    16   6   0  12   34
 Logos Lions      0   8   8  14   30
 Scoring Summary:
 BCS-Preston Koch 5 yard run (Preston Koch kick), 7:27, 1st
 BCS-Preston Koch 2 yard run (Preston Koch kick), 2:32, 1st
 SLL-Logos 16 yard pass (kick good), 5:09, 2nd
 BCS-Jeff Camp 11 yard pass from Noah Boriack (kick blocked), 0:11, 2nd
 SLL-Logos 2 yard run (kick good), 5:24, 3rd
 SLL-Logos 5 yard run (kick failed), 9:55, 4th
 BCS-Noah Boriack 21 yard run (kick failed), 9:01, 4th
 SLL-Logos 20 yard run (kick good), 6:46, 4th
 BCS-Jeff Camp 4 yard run (kick failed), 4:01, 4th
 Game Stats        Warriors      Lions
 Total Yards       322           249
 Rushes/Yards      40/305        27/107
 Comp/Att/Int      2/4/1         10/23/1
 Passing Yards     21            142
 Punts/Average     0/0           1/22.0
 Fumbles/Lost      1/1           4/1
 Penalties-Yards   1-10          2-15
 Passing           Comp  Att  Pct  Yds  Lg  TD  Int
 Sam Hilgendorf    1     1  1.000  10   10  0   0
 Noah Boriack      1     3   .333  11   11  1   1
 Rushing           Att   Yds  Ave  Lg   TD
 Noah Boriack      22    216  9.8  34   1
 Preston Koch      17     85  5.0  12   2
 Jeff Camp          1      4  4.0   4   1
 Receiving         No    Yds  Ave  Lg   TD
 Jeff Camp         1     11  11.0  11   1 
 Preston Koch      1     10  10.0  10   0