Volleyball | September 26, 2013

CL Hawks Prepare for Start of District Volleyball this Friday


Canyon Lake Volleyball will be starting their District 27-3A season this Friday at Navarro.

The ReSporter has studied the games played by their district counterpoints up to this point to test how they might stack up as the season starts up.

“Our district is tough,” Head Coach Kim Paisley said. “One of the toughest in 3A, but I am fine with a challenge.”

One of the first items to note is how tough this district will be while studying their games and teams played.

Team Record

 Boerne            25-4
 Navarro           25-5
 Wimberley         20-8
 Canyon Lake       18-13
 Bandera           16-14
 Fredericksburg    15-16
There are several teams that have played many of CL's district sisters.
             Hawks   Billies   Boerne    Navarro     Texans      Bandera
 Llano         √       √         √         ---         √           √
 Burnet       √√       √        ---        ---         √           √
 Devine        √      ---       ---        ---        ---         √√
 Lampasas      √       √        ---        ---        ---         ---
 La Vernia    xx       √         √         ---         √          ---
 Somerset     ---     ---        x          x         ---         ---
 Blanco        x      ---       ---        ---         √           √

There is one team that Canyon Lake has played already during a tournament and were beaten by Bandera early this season.

That might give you an idea of a team that your Hawks are already behind.

However, there is another variable that might help in deciphering this quest.

The Hawks have won 8 of their last 10 games and that indicate Canyon Lake is playing at a better level. Those games played earlier that were losses could of been wins based on how CL is playing right now.

 Team                Last 10 Games 
 Boerne                 10-0
 Canyon Lake             8-2
 Wimberley               8-2
 Navarro                 7-3
 Fredericksburg          5-5
 Bandera                 4-6

A few items to understand when assessing how teams have played up to this point.

1) We have checked how each teams records for past 10 games.
2) How tough of a record each team has played.
3) How much experience each team has playing.

                   Sr   Jr   So   Fr    Total
 Navarro           6    3    2    1     12
 Bandera           4    3    2    2     11
 Boerne            3    5    4    0     12
 Fredericksburg    3    8    1    0     12
 Wimberley         7    7    2    0     16
 Hawks             4    5    4    1     14

This graphic above shows what type of leadership is on each roster and thus how many games each player has played with each other, giving them that all important word, “Chemistry”.

Canyon Lake does show a lot of Juniors and Seniors, but all those seniors and juniors are playing their first year on varsity.

That is one item, this ReSporter did not want to research for other district teams…(too lazy).

The Hawks have had several games this year with no seniors on the floor while using, juniors, sophomores and their one freshman.

When looking at teams played, you would certainly give Boerne, Fredericksburg, and Wimberley some kudos for some tough teams they have played.

In fact, looking at Fredericksburg’s record is very misleading as this Billie team has played some 4A and 5A schools.

Team       Losses to Larger Schools
Billies    Hutto, Tivy, Churchill, Lee, Boerne Champion, Madison, SV, Canyon
Bandera    Hays, CC King, Madison, Johnson, Westlake, Dripping Springs, Medina Valley
Boerne     Cibolo Steele, SA Brennan, SA Clark
Navarro    SA Taft, Keller Central
Wimberley  Hays, MacArthur, New Braunfels, Pflugerville, Dripping Springs, Canyon
HAWKS      Schertz Clemens, SA Brennan, South SA

What can we deduce from all this data?

This will be a very competitive league and if you don’t bring your ‘A’ game to the gym, then you will certainly be working on trying to get a win for your next outing since not being prepared will be a loss.

Canyon Lake certainly has a chance of giving these teams a run as the Hawks are playing at a much higher level than earlier this year.

You will also have four teams that can have a chance of playing in the post-season and as you can see above, this district could have six teams that could make a run in the playoffs.

This will be a fun few weeks to find out what might be in store for Canyon Lake and this team certainly should have some great crowd support for helping Coach Paisley pull that proverbial rabbit out of a hat.

“Keeping a consistent line-up that we have ran all season,” Coach Paisley said when commenting on how to combat her first game against Navarro. “We still tried a few more new rotations just in case in our last game and I am ready to walk in Navarro Friday night, whoop them, play hard and well and competitive. I want people to talk and start preparing to beat us and take up seriously.”

Good Luck as you take the court this Friday in Navarro.