Coaches Corner, Football | September 6, 2013

Coaches Corner: Bracken’s Lloyd Fields

The ReSporter: What is your thoughts for this game with Sugar Land Logos?

Coach Fields: “These guys can motor and they can score in two or three plays much like we used to be able to do.”

The ReSporter: Tell us about Sugar Land Logos’ game with SA The Winston?

Coach Fields: “SA The Winston fumbled eight times in their game with Logos and they still took them to the fourth quarter. Our goal is to be better than last week and to play the full four quarters. You can see that our game with Austin was lost in that second quarter and we can’t have a let down like that and expect to win.

Yes, our goal is to play better, but of course winning would be better.”

The ReSporter: How has your practices gone this week?

Coach Fields: “You know we are going to the garden of eden to play this week and we were wanting to have some those same playing conditions to practice in…this past Tuesday it was hot and humid and then a storm came through and the temperature came down and we practiced in the rain.

The student’s weren’t complaining, but we have had two good practices this week.”

The ReSporter: What have you taken from that loss to Austin Hill Country?

Coach Fields: “We are changing some things up but our backfield will stay the same….on defense we have moved John Colby to linebacker and Davis Scott and Jeff Camp to Defensive End.”

“We also will have Preston Koch and Noah Boriack will only play on the offensive side of the ball…we took Austin Hill Country too lightly and you can put that on the Coaches, but we are ready for this week.”

The ReSporter: What else would you like to say about your personel?

Coach Fields: “We have moved Daniel Forgione up for the defense and he will be sharing time with Mason Anthony as we continue to find out who our best players will be.”

The ReSporter: What do you want to do better in this week’s game?

Coach Fields: “We need to be able to execute better on ‘D’. We let Hill Country to convert four fourth downs last week and we could not stop them. We are not dumb with football and we have four defensive starters back from last year. I was real pleased with our kicking game last week.

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach and good luck at the Garden of Eden (Houston)…just make sure you don’t eat the Apples.