Coaches Corner, Cross Country | September 6, 2013

Coaches Corner Cross Country: Mary Beth Gallagher

The ReSporter: You accumulated a lot of points and wanted to know if that was more

Coach Mary Beth Gallagher

Coach Mary Beth Gallagher

based on your competition, how did our team do compared to other schools your size?

Coach Mary Beth Gallagher: “Well there were not very many schools with our size at this meet. We finished in the middle of the pack on boys varsity and the girls, well about the same as always, the bottom 1/3.”

The ReSporter: Was there someone that had a break out run?

Coach Mary Beth Gallagher: “I will tell you each kid improved their times from the trial times two mile a week earlier and that is what we hope to do each week.”

The ReSporter: Where is this team compared to last year’s group of students?

Coach Mary Beth Gallagher: “I really believe we have two boys that will contend for a regional spot and try are Joe Marple, a freshman, and Jeremy Milford a senior. We are bigger than last year with 27 members and we have a solid boys side and are a better girls group than last year.”

The ReSporter: Final comments as you prepare for your next Meet.

Coach Mary Beth Gallagher: “We are running in another big meet this weekend so I am expecting the same as last Saturday, but the Fredericksburg and Comfort meets should be good competition for us.”

The ReSporter: Give us some other tidbits you would like the Canyon Lake family to know.

Coach Mary Beth Gallagher: “We would love to see you out on September 14th as we are going to have a community pancake run to get to know the team and raise money for our program. It will be a fun run and a pancake breakfast afterwards.”

“It starts at 8:00am. Thanks.”