Coaches Corner, Football | September 11, 2013

Coaches Corner with Bracken’s Lloyd Fields

The ReSporter: Coach Fields, how has your week been going?

Head Coach Lloyd Fields

Head Coach Lloyd Fields

Coach Fields: “Our kids will play well this week. They have made tremendous strides and we just need to stay away from injuries.”

“We were 45 point favorites on our opening night’s game that we lost and so we are not taking any opponent lightly.”

The ReSporter: What type of offense and defense does Prairie Lea play?

Coach Fields: “They will play a 2/3 defense and a base/spread offense or J-Bird.”

The ReSporter: I can see that The ReSporter might have done more bad with that question than good.

Let’s try again, what are you hoping to do in this week’s game?

Coach Fields: “We are going to add some things this week and tweak our offense…we want to open it up more.”

The ReSporter: How do you prepare for a team that is not on the perennial win list?

Coach Fields: “In the past when we played a team that in all likelihood we were better than, our philosophy was to get to 45 points and leave after halftime. That was always our way since it would keep us from having a chance for injuries. ”

“Now we are wanting our starters to get a big lead so we can have a chance of letting everybody play and get some game time experience.”

The ReSporter: How will you decide that substitution pattern?

Coach Fields: “If starters play well then the other players will get some time and if they don’t then the starters will need to stay in and play.”

The ReSporter: How has your kicking game been progressing?

Coach Fields: “We won last week’s game by making two kicks for four points.”

The ReSporter: So your happy?

Coach Fields: “Those four points won the game so yes, I’m happy.”

The ReSporter: What type of assessment do you have on your opponents played up to this point?

Coach Fields: “In our first two games we have played two district champions and that is not an easy schedule….we haven’t played a sick chicken.”

The ReSporter: We don’t want to know what that last comment was suppose to elude too, it just sounds like you think your competition thus far will help you has this season matures.

Coach Fields: “That is right.”

“Many experts and internet pundits had us with anywhere between a 3-7 to 7-3 season and so if you average those out, then that would have us finishing 5-5. I can see us going 9-1 but 8-2 is more reasonable. Last year everyone was upset with us for finishing 9-1 and most coaches today would of been very happy with a season like that.”

The ReSporter: You had some new faces on the field last game, what is the status of your players?

Coach Fields: “We still have positions up for grabs, right now our x-backers are fighting it out for playing time. What will decide which one settles into that position will be based on which one shows more consistency.”

The ReSporter: Who are you wanting to step up and play?

Coach Fields: “John Colby was taken away from his linebacker spot when we had him zeroed in on one of Logos best receivers last game. So having him back at linebacker will be good for our team.”

The ReSporter: Any other ‘sick chicken’ or tidbits to share with us today?

Coach Fields: “This is our best offensive line, as a group, we have had at Bracken since I have been coaching here. This unit only missed two blocks in last week’s game.”

The ReSporter: Thanks for your input today Coach and I need to leave you now as I go and google this aspect of a ‘sick chicken’ which should help in my understanding of what you said earlier. Good luck in this week’s game.